More Than Half Of Texas Democrats Support School Choice Programs: POLL

More than 50% of Texans, including a majority of Democrats, support school choice programs, according to a Dallas Morning News and University of Texas – Tyler poll.

Roughly 53% of Democrats “strongly support” or “somewhat support” providing parents with state funding in order to send their child to private school, according to a Dallas Morning News and University of Texas – Tyler poll. Nearly 60% of voters are in favor of school choice, with Republicans supporting the program the most at 70%, the September poll showed.(RELATED: Arizona Attorney Candidate Who Wants To Punish Charter Schools Once Helped Run De-Accredited Law School)

Approximately 53% of independents support school choice programs, the poll showed. Approximately 20% of Republican voters opposed school choice programs while 34% Democratic voters opposed the option.

Roughly 60% of voters agree that K-12 teachers should teach “how historical examples of discrimination in our laws apply to inequalities today,” the poll found. Just 17% of Republican voters supported the discussion, with 54% of Democratic voters favoring it.

Students study in the Rice University Library on August 29, 2022 in Houston, Texas. U.S. President Joe Biden has announced a three-part plan that will forgive hundreds of billions of dollars in federal student loan debt. Since announced, the plan has sparked controversy as critics have begun questioning its fairness, and addressing concerns over its impact on inflation. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Voters have general trust in school district officials when reviewing questionable content, with 49% of voters trusting their judgment in vetting books and curriculum, the poll showed. Nearly 50% of Republicans and 58% of Democrats said they trust the school district officials.

More than 70% of Americans support school choice programs, including 68% of Democrats, a February RealClear Opinion research poll found. Just 18% of voters opposed it, displaying that support for school choice grew since the beginning of the pandemic.

The poll surveyed 1,268 random voters in Texas between Sept. 6 – 13.  The findings have a 95% confidence interval.

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