Morgan Wallen Fan’s Insane Concert Bill Blows Up The Internet

One woman’s apparent lack of financial literacy went viral online after she sent an itemized bill to Morgan Wallen of what she spent on a concert he cancelled Sunday.

The post, allegedly from a woman called Mandi Walker Nowlin, was first shared on Facebook before going viral on Twitter. In it, she tagged the country music superstar, saying “Morgan Wallen, since you’re offering refunds….here is our itemized bill for you.” Her comments were prompted by Wallen’s requirement to cancel his show in Oxford, Mississippi, Sunday, as he’d lost his voice and was unable to perform.

Now, I’ve heard and seen some absolutely abysmal cases of financial literacy, but Nowlin’s list is arguably the stupidest thing you’ll see all day. This woman spent $560 on a hotel, $1,600 on tickets, and a meal at Cracker Barrell for $40, and all of these items are to be somewhat expected. Could you definitely get a cheaper place to stay than a $560 hotel room? Absolutely, but whatever, people are weird when it comes to where they stay.

But then Nowlin claimed she spent $629 at Rebel Rags, a merchandise store. How on Earth is that Morgan Wallen’s fault?

More than that, this crazy lady spent $218 on her husband’s outfit! What woman doesn’t realize that there isn’t a (straight, normal, easy-going) man on this planet who gives a crap about what he wears. She did note later in the post that her husband of 17 years refuses to go to concerts with her, except for this one, so clearly they have a unique situation.

The other items that blew my mind were things like $235 on a single meal, $220 on drinks at the concert (babe, no one buys drinks at concerts unless they want to literally throw money away). They also spent $235 on Wallen merch, which, again, no one does unless they want to throw money away.

How Nowlin can possibly fathom that her own frivolous spending is the responsibility of Wallen is beyond me. I do think she could do with a conversation with Dave Ramsey, or literally anyone who has the time and patience to explain that spending $3,982 to go to a concert is the dumbest thing ever. (RELATED: Morgan Wallen Announces Major Brand Partnership After Attempted Cancellation)

Sure, my opinion here might bother some people. But with the current economic crisis plaguing our nation, ignorance is not an excuse anymore. Don’t spend money unless you’re willing to lose that money, and don’t make your financial decisions someone else’s problem.

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