Most Americans Believe AI Has a Negative Impact on Jobs

Americans have mixed feelings about how advances in artificial intelligence (AI) will affect jobs and business, but most do not, according to the 2023 Bentley Gallup Business and Society Report. It turned out to be negative.

of reportThe study, released in October in collaboration with Bentley University and the Gallup polling organization, surveyed people on a variety of topics, including how companies are using AI.

When asked, “In general, how much do you trust companies to use artificial intelligence responsibly?” 38% of respondents answered “strongly disagree.” 41% answered “not very much” and 21% answered “a lot/somewhat”.

Fewer people across education levels, ethnicities, age groups, and political affiliations say they have “a lot/somewhat” confidence that companies will use AI responsibly.

The survey also asked respondents for their opinion on how AI will affect the total number of jobs available in the U.S. over the next 10 years, with 6% saying the number of jobs will increase and 19% saying the number will increase. The answer was that there would be no impact on employment. 75% said they think the number of jobs will decrease.

Across all education, race, age, and political demographics, the percentage of people who think AI will reduce the number of jobs ranges from 66 percent to 80 percent.

Overall, only 1 in 10 U.S. adults believe AI will do more good than harm.

Half of respondents believe AI will do equal amounts of good and harm, while 40 percent said the technology will do more harm than good.

By race, Blacks and Asian Americans are more likely to believe that AI will do more good than harm, or an equal amount of both.

Respondents were also given a list of several work tasks and asked to compare how well the AI ​​completed them with how well a human completed them.

Most respondents thought jAlumni who believe that AI “performs worse than humans” have responses such as “recommend medical advice to me,” “drive me somewhere,” and “Which employees the company should hire.” It included things like “recommend.”

Given that 79% of survey respondents “don’t trust companies to use AI responsibly,” problems could arise as more companies adopt AI for their models.



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