Most Americans favor clean debt ceiling increase: poll

Most Americans support a clean bill that raises the debt ceiling on its own without being bound by spending cuts, according to the latest polls.

NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist National Poll found 52% of respondents believe Congress should raise the debt ceiling and deal with spending cuts on a case-by-case basis to avoid the possibility of the country defaulting, while 42% believe that The debt ceiling should only be raised if it involves significant spending cuts.

Opinion pollsters show wide differences in preferences between political parties, with 75% of Democrats wanting a clean bill, while 65% of Republicans want cuts even if the U.S. defaults. Supports only raising the debt ceiling.

Nearly half of independents said the debt ceiling should only be raised if spending cuts equate to it.

The Biden administration and Congressional Democrats are negotiating with congressional Republicans to form a deal to raise the debt ceiling. President Biden is pushing for clean bills, but Republicans are arguing for drastic spending cuts in favor of raising the cap.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has suggested a default could occur as early as June 1 if the cap isn’t raised, but some Republicans are skeptical about that exact date. expresses an attitude.

The Biden administration has warned that a default could severely damage the U.S. and global economy and plunge the country into recession.

Respondents were also very divided on who would be to blame if the country defaulted, with 45% saying Congressional Republicans were primarily to blame, and 43% saying Biden was primarily to blame. I answered that there is.

Nearly three-quarters of Republicans and half of independents said they primarily blamed Biden, while three-quarters of Democrats said they would primarily blame Republicans in Congress.

The poll was conducted May 15-18 among 1,286 US adults. The margin of error was 3.4 points.

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