‘Most Confident When Having Sex’: Demi Lovato Shares Her Deepest Feelings

Famous singer Demi Lovato spoke candidly to Becca Tobin and Jack Vanek in a two-part interview on the podcast “LadyGang” published Tuesday.

The group took turns answering questions aimed at shedding light on their personal lives outside of the spotlight, and Lovato dove deep into unprecedented waters with an answer that caught everyone off guard. Vanek, Tobin, and Lovato took turns filling in the blanks in the sentence, “What makes me feel most confident is…”

When it was Lovato’s turn to respond, she replied, “I feel most confident when I’m having sex.”

The 31-year-old Grammy-winning singer gave Vanek and Tobin a wicked smile and repeated the words.

The subject changed for a split second before Lovato was asked to explain what caused the unexpected reaction.

“Because you’re so focused on the moment that you don’t think about what it’s actually like…What’s clouding your judgment throughout the rest of the day, at least for me?” “,” Lovato said.

“It’s not going to happen to everyone,” she added. (Related: Demi Lovato admits to using opiates at age 13)

Lovato is currently dating indie rocker Jutes. The two collaborated on the 2022 album “HOLY FVCK” and began mixing business and pleasure early on in their relationship. It’s unclear if Lovato mentioned her sex life with Jute during the podcast discussion.

Lovato and Jutes have shared many relationship photos on social media, showing the close bond they share and the fun adventures they embark on together.

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