Mothers share stories of their lives, plus tips and inspiration, in ‘Love, Mom’ by Dr. Nicole Saphier

FOX News medical contributor Dr. Nicole Safier has worked in the health and health policy field for many years and is passionate about that field, but she is “just as passionate about being a mother.” he said in a phone interview with FOX News Digital, just like any new doctor. His book “Love, Mom” ​​will be released this week on April 16th.

This book celebrates her unexpected and dramatic journey to motherhood. It also includes a variety of stories from other mothers to provide a multifaceted view of this role.

“I’ve always written openly about motherhood,” she said, saying she believes in “really bringing your true authentic self” to the forefront.

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And, “I’ve talked many times about how my journey as a mother hasn’t been traditional,” she said.

“I found out I was pregnant when I was 17 years old and still in high school. It certainly wasn’t the most planned event of my life,” Safieh said.

Dr. Nicole Safier’s new book, Love, Mom: Inspiring Stories Celebrated Motherhood, is released this week on April 16th. On Monday, April 15, she will host her “Love, Mom: The Live Show” on Fox Nation and will be joined by four of her book contributors. We talked about her mother, her work-life balance, her faith, and more. (Fox News Books)

But, she said, “it definitely shaped me into the person I am today. And every time I tell my story, a lot of people reach out to me.”

In her book, she writes about her unexpected pregnancy at age 17: . ”

“There was a little being growing in my heart, and I knew in my heart it was my job to protect him.”

she continued. “Believe me, many have tried. No matter how much it ended up changing my life, I knew that a little being was growing in my heart, and It’s my job to protect that.”

Love Mama by Nicole Saphier, MD

“Love, Mom” by Nicole Safier, MD, is released this week. (Fox News)

She continued, “My son was born in April, and five weeks later I walked across the graduation stage to receive my high school diploma. Mom and Dad were in the stands watching their newborn in a movie called The Lion King. He held me like Rafiki,” he said. Look proud at baby Simba. ”

She said she feels people are inspired by her journey and feels less alone in her journey.

“If you rely on your faith, family, and friends, you can accomplish anything you want.”

“Maybe not everyone has been in the same situation as me,” she said. “But I think it’s really important to share with people that when you find yourself in an unplanned situation, no matter what it is, if you lean on your faith, your family, your friends, you can still achieve anything you want. “I’ll do it.” “

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She further added, “You may take a different path, but you still have a way to go.”

Safir, an Arizona native who now lives in the New York City area with her husband and three children, says that for many people who encounter an obstacle, “the natural tendency is to say, ‘Okay, I’m done walking.’ Maybe,” he said. How can I get over this rock? ”

Dr. Safia and son

“You know what? I can get there,” Dr. Safia said, recounting her thoughts when she was young, pregnant and wanting to become a doctor someday. “Maybe it won’t be the most traditional way. Maybe it won’t be that simple. It will certainly be more difficult. But I can get there.” (Dr. Nicole Safier)

Instead, she suggested, “What you can do is pave the way.” around it That rock. And that was me. ”

She said she knew she wanted to be a doctor “early on” in her life. And she said that when she found out she was pregnant at 17, people told her, “‘You’re not going to be able to achieve her professional goals if you get through this pregnancy. ”’ she reportedly said.

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She said she “spent a lot of time with my mother, reflecting on and relying on my then-teenage Bible.”

“Everyone who reads this collection of stories will be able to relate to at least one of the stories here.”

And then she realized. “Look, I can get there. Maybe it’s not the most traditional way – maybe it’s not that simple. It’s certainly going to be more difficult – but I can get there. You can reach it.”

“And I’ve spent most of the last 24 years proving wrong the people who said I couldn’t do what I did,” Safia said.

Many stories are expressed

Safia called the opportunity to tell her story in book form “an amazing opportunity.”

She also emphasized that the book is not just about her.

Dr. Nicole Safier

Fox News contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier wrote “Love, Mom,” which celebrates motherhood with a variety of inspiring stories and advice. (Fox News Radio)

“We didn’t want to stop there.” Readers can also draw inspiration from the stories of many other women, which she believes takes the book “to another level.” He told Fox News Digital.

Some of the mothers who shared their stories, lessons and journeys include Fox News’ Martha McCallum, Ainsley Earhart, Sandra Smith, Janice Dean, Rachel Campos Duffy and Kayleigh McEnany.

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She added, “And that includes other moms with whom I have a personal connection.” “One was a patient of mine. The other is a Gold Star mom that I’ve known for decades.”

“We all have moments of anxiety, vulnerability, and suffering.”

Fox News viewers also had the opportunity to submit articles for consideration, she said. Of the more than 100 submissions received, she and her team “found two great articles” that are also included in the book.

“When reading this collection of stories, everyone will be able to relate to at least one of the stories here. We talk about when is the right time to be a mother, and then there’s the whole work-life balance thing.”

Blended families will also be discussed.

smiling spring baby

For readers who aren’t parents yet but would like to be one someday, several chapters of “Love, Mom” ​​include questions such as “When is a good time to be a mother? Are you planning to become a mother?” ?If I become a mother, will it disrupt my professional life?” (St. Petersburg)

“I was a single mother for about 10 years, and then I got married and had two more boys. There are several other blended family stories in this book,” she said. Ta.

It was important to Safieh that motherhood not be portrayed as “all butterflies and roses,” she said.

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Indeed, people are “going all out” on TV, social media and more, she said. But what she really wanted, she says, was “for her mothers to peel back those layers. They have to be raw with the reader.”

“Even as we celebrate motherhood, relationships, and ‘overcoming obstacles,’ we all still face the same trials and tribulations,” she said. “We all have moments of anxiety, vulnerability, and suffering.”

For readers who are not yet parents but would like to become one someday, several chapters reflect on motherhood and address questions such as: Are you going to become a mother? ”

The reality is, “There’s no perfect time to be a mother. There’s no one-size-fits-all time,” Safieh says.

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And whether a woman has children when she’s young or, as she did, later in life, “in the end, motherhood shapes who you really are.” It is.”

“There’s no perfect time to be a mother. There’s no one-size-fits-all time.”

Other benefits of the book, she says, include advice gleaned from other moms on topics such as children, homework and infertility issues, which she calls “pearls of wisdom” based on their experiences. she said.

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Saphier shared another perk of the book.

“All the moms have posted scriptures and sayings that have given them strength throughout their lives, so it’s a great resource for our readers,” she says.

Safir has been a FOX News contributor since 2018. She is an associate professor at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City and director of breast imaging at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in Monmouth, New Jersey.


On Monday, April 15, she will host a “Love, Mom: The Live Show” stream on Fox Nation, where she will be joined by four book contributors to talk about her own motherhood, work-life balance, faith, and more.

“Love, Mom” ​​can be found wherever books are sold.

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