Mr. Speaker, release the J6 footage

One of the first things I did after becoming Editor-in-Chief of Blaze Media was to make Steve Baker a contributor. Because for the past two years, Steve has been doing America’s rarest job: carefully investigating the truth of the events of January 6, 2021.

When it comes to the protests at the U.S. Capitol more than two years ago, most media outlets are telling lies to the powerless on behalf of the powerful, rather than telling truth to the powerful.

The narrative about that day that everyone living in a polite society should now accept is at least as grossly exaggerated as the George Floyd riots of 2020 were downplayed. But people follow power, not facts.

apart from julie kellyheroic work, darren beatty and friends revolver, Joe Hanneman in era timesand a handful of other journalists and news outlets dutifully repeat the obvious propaganda.

First, let’s state the obvious. The Democratic Party continues to use protests as a pretext to demonize, delegitimize, and viciously persecute political opponents in the country. Among them, half of the people who supported Republican candidates are now being imprisoned by Democrats.

The narrative around January 6th is being used as a wedge that our establishment relentlessly drives to separate “good” and “respectable” Republicans who go along with it. according to To Joe Biden – to the “extremist”, “authoritarian”, “insurrectionist” Republicans who threaten the very soul of our nation.

But if anyone really cares about the law and justice under our system of government, the question of what happened that day should be whether they are Democrats or Republicans, or Joe Biden or Donald Trump. -It shouldn’t revolve around what you happen to think about Trump.

All Americans should care about one thing above all else: the truth.

the truth is there

For years, tens of thousands of hours of Capitol CCTV footage that captured the truth about January 6th has been used by attorneys for more than 1,100 people facing federal charges (and counting) and remains hidden from the public.

Since taking control of the House this year, Republicans have talked extensively about their intention to release the footage. Tucker Carlson was given access and began appearing on the show for a few nights, but mysteriously and abruptly ceased operations before being ultimately fired by FOX News. No one thinks that his silence is of his own choosing.

After I hired Steve Baker, I was told by House Republicans that I needed to wait until they established a process for viewing and requesting video footage. we did it. One of the first things our team discovered when we were allowed to view the footage was that U.S. Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus had clearly perjured himself during the Oath Keepers trial. .

Even if the largest “conservative” television network shows little interest in the truth about January 6th, its viewers and millions of Americans do. And so do we. Today, Blaze News launches a new video series, “The Truth about January 6,” highlighting the ongoing investigation.

The truth about January

parliamentary delay

On the eve of the exclusive blockbuster release on Lazarus, we received an 11th-hour call asking us to provide CCTV footage of the Capitol, as then-Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy had just been ousted from office in a surprise vote. I was told that it could not be published. That would support our findings.

In the absence of a speaker, we were told that the House Administration Committee did not have the authority to conduct the necessary “security review” and approve release of these videos for our intended presentation.

Blaze Media has filed numerous petitions asking for an alternative route for Congressional approval or some statement from the Oversight Chair explaining the reason for the release delay.

While many of our readers are demanding that we “go nuclear” in violation of our agreement with the Commission and release the only Lazarus-related video we currently have, I have acted consistently within the House of Commons’ print media policy.

Blaze Media’s team also examined hours of video evidence we don’t yet have that proves U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn also lied about what happened on January 6th. did. These videos still need to be investigated by us and released by Congress.

On Wednesday afternoon, we received a short response from a senior aide on the House Administration Committee: “This is the decision of the Speaker’s Office.”

Late in the afternoon, U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) was sworn in as Speaker of the House.

Mr. Chairman, please release the video.

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