Musk’s Tesla Asks Man to Bring Car to Service Center After Fire Leaves It a Charred Ruin

In a shocking incident, a Tesla Model Y spontaneously caught fire on a California highway, and owner Vishal Mara scrambled for answers from a largely unresponsive customer service team. Incredibly, Elon Musk’s Tesla asked him to bring the charred remains left after the battery fire to the company’s service center. The owner replied, “How the hell do you do that?”

Breitbart News reported earlier this month that a Tesla Model Y spontaneously caught fire on a California highway, prompting owner Vishal Mara to scramble for answers from a largely unresponsive customer service team.

Elon Musk covers his eyes in front of Tesla (Maja Hitij/Getty)

Mara was driving her Tesla on May 6 when she felt the car shake. She stopped the car, initially suspecting a flat tire, but she found smoke rising from the bottom of the car. Within minutes, the entire car was engulfed in flames.

business insider report In the aftermath of the incident, Mara said she turned to Tesla customer service for answers. However, he reported that attempts to communicate with the company were met with silence. Despite contacting the company multiple times, Mara said she “did not receive a follow-up.”

“One agent I spoke with boldly told me to take my completely burnt Tesla to a Tesla-recommended service center,” Mara said. “How in the world do you do that?”

Mara expressed that she needed a response from Tesla not only for her own situation, but also to prevent others from encountering similar incidents. “Yes, the car is covered by insurance, but Tesla needs to contact you,” Mara said. “All I need is an answer from them and protection from others going through the same problem.”

Reflecting on the incident, Mara told NBC affiliate KCRA 3 that she was lucky to be alive but was “out of words” about what happened. “If this had happened half an hour later, my whole family would have been there,” he said, driving home to take his wife and two children to a family gathering. added.

As of this writing, Tesla representatives have not responded to a request for comment on the incident.

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