‘My Entire Life Was Rocked’: Susanna Gibson Breaks Silence Over Implication She Streamed Sex Acts For Money

Susannah Gibson broke her silence on the revelation of her intimate webcam video in an interview with Politico published Saturday.

Mr. Gibson ran unsuccessfully for the Virginia State Delegate. explained The leak was made as a deliberate attack aimed at sabotaging her campaign and personal reputation. The unsuccessful Democratic candidate spoke of the personal and professional turmoil he faced after the video leaked.

According to Politico, Ms. Gibson admitted that she was embarrassed when the Washington Post published an article about her participation in a livestreamed sex act with her husband. (Related article: 'I won't lose next time': Democratic candidate who lost election after streaming sex acts for money says he might run again)

“Knowing that there are sexually explicit videos of me online is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy,” the mother of two told Politico. “On September 11th, my entire life was shaken up when an article was published suggesting that I had sex with my husband online for money. This is based on her Dropbox files that I found.”

Despite the controversy, Gibson is unapologetic about his online activities, insisting they are private activities between consenting adults and unrelated to his political aspirations, Politico reported. . The leaked videos were reportedly discovered on the dark web and circulated among various news organizations. She claimed that her sexual content had nothing to do with a person's professional or political qualifications.

“If I wasn't a candidate, the Post probably would have been appalled by the invasion of my privacy. But since I was a candidate, they thought it was an invasion of my privacy and a potential criminal offense.” Instead, we decided it was a political story,” she told Politico.

According to Politico, Gibson remained steadfast during the campaign despite facing intense scrutiny from roaming journalists, threatening emails and social media backlash. She has received significant support from a variety of groups, including abortion rights and LGBTQ+ advocacy groups, and donations to her campaign also skyrocketed following her scandal.

In the end, the controversy appears to have had minimal impact on her election performance, according to Politico. Mr. Gibson lost to his Republican opponent by a narrow margin, suggesting voters were either unaware of or indifferent to the scandal. Gibson is now determined to seek justice for her. Believing that the distribution of the video fell under Virginia's “revenge porn” law, she sought the services of a sex crimes attorney and filed a complaint with local police and the FBI.

“I want the person who found and disseminated illegal pornographic images of me to be held accountable, again in violation of federal and state law,” Gibson told Politico. “It's going to be a long process.”



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