‘My entire life was rocked’

A Virginia Democratic lawmaker who appeared in more than a dozen video streams of herself having sex with her husband online in search of “tips” claims she is the victim of a privacy violation by Republican operatives. .

in a recent interview with politikoformer Virginia House of Representatives candidate Susannah Gibson spoke about how she felt about the explicit videos that surfaced ahead of her election loss earlier this year.

“It's a feeling I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy,” the Democrat, a nurse and mother of two, told the magazine.

Virginia Democrat embroiled in online sex scandal loses House race

Former Virginia Congressional candidate Susannah Gibson recently complained to Politico about the treatment she received after a sex video she posted online in exchange for payment from viewers was released. (Neil Smith, via AP, File)

Gibson made headlines in September. Archived live stream video Images of her having sex with her husband have resurfaced and gone viral online.

washington post broke the story, reported that the couple solicited payment from viewers in exchange for certain acts. The Post headlined the article: “Virginia Democratic House Candidate Had Online Sex with Her Husband for Tips.”

Gibson and her husband appeared in more than a dozen videos archived on a site called Chaturbate in September 2022, after she officially participated in the delegate election, with the most recent video dated September 30, 2022. Archived in.

When the news broke and Republican operatives shared the story before Election Day, Ms. Gibson claimed she was the victim of an “unlawful invasion of privacy designed to humiliate me and my family.” . She remained in the race until she lost.

in her recent Interview with PoliticoGibson claimed to be the victim of a scheme to illegally distribute the work and videos that hit the media.

Referring to a September Post article, she said: “My entire life was shaken up on September 11th when an article was published. The article implied that I had engaged in online sex acts with my husband for money. It was written based on Dropbox,” a file searched by a self-proclaimed Republican operative. ”

Laura Ingraham: Susannah Gibson did a 'pretty good job' of humiliating herself

Susannah Gibson

Former Virginia Democratic House candidate Susannah Gibson claimed that Republican operatives committed a “crime” by disseminating her exclusive content without her consent. (Susannah Gibson campaign site)

“They were finding these videos on the dark web and shopping them to various news outlets,” Gibson told Politico, referring to his blindness. I had no idea that,” he said. ,” she said.

Gibson added: “When you find out there's a sexually explicit video of yourself online, especially when you're contacted by a reporter for a national newspaper, that's not something you would wish on your worst enemy.” added.

Regarding her claim that the video is being spread illegally, she said, “Any content that is initially created consensually and then distributed digitally in a non-consensual context is a crime.”

She opined about her actions against Republicans spreading information about her explicit content. “Choosing to share your content with selected people, online or in any medium, with the understanding that it will disappear and only those who were present will be able to see it. “When we're talking about live streaming, webcams, Skype, that's a far cry from consenting to that content being recorded and widely distributed. And there's also case law to support this.”

She also told the magazine: “What people do digitally in their private lives, if it's legal, it's consensual and has no bearing on their ability to work, but there should be barriers. “I think so. I think so,” he said. Making people's private lives, especially their sexual private lives, public is unethical and is part of how we think about people and their ability to do their jobs and contribute positively to their communities. . ”

Gibson also warned that other women will soon become victims of similar surveillance, saying, “This will continue to happen as millennials reach the age of running for office. A 2014 study conducted by McAfee stated or showed that: 90% of millennial women have had a nude photo taken at least once. ”

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