Mysterious noise irking Tampa residents may be fish mating loudly

For years, residents of Tampa, Florida, have reported hearing strange sounds coming from the bay, and scientists believe it could be mating fish, according to the report. Reports say it was very loud.

The deep, vibrating sound has been bothering residents since at least 2021, and several calls have been made to police. According to WTVT. But the most worrying thing is not knowing where the racket came from.

Local scientist James LoCascio was on a mission to solve the mystery and identified the sounds as the sounds of black drum fish mating underwater.

“This is a fairly rare phenomenon,” Locascio said. told the Washington Post. “People are surprised because it’s not very well known.”

Residents had long speculated about the source of the sound before asking Locascio for help. Mr. Locascio agreed to look into whether he could cover the cost of recording. They started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the research.

Black drumfish are believed to be behind the mysterious vibrating sounds in Tampa. Andrea Izzotti –

Dr. James Locascio
Dr. James LoCascio wants to record underwater acoustics to confirm that fish are causing the commotion. fox 13 news

“It seemed a little foolish to me to pursue this so persistently,” fundraiser organizer Sarah Healy told WaPo. “But on another level, this is important to the community.”

LoCascio, fisheries program manager at the Mote Marine Research Institute and Aquarium in Sarasota, said he plans to put the device underwater to confirm his hypothesis.

“This is low-frequency sound, so it travels much better, travels farther, and crosses different media more efficiently,” he told WVTV.

Mating sounds travel through the ground, which may explain why residents living more than a mile from the water’s surface can hear them, he explained.

Locascio told The Washington Post that black drumfish make bass-like sounds by moving their muscles toward their swim bladder.

The scientist completed his doctoral dissertation on black drumfish in 2005 at the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Sciences. He used underwater acoustic recordings to solve similar sound mysteries for residents of Cape He Coral and Punta He Gorda, about 100 miles south of Tampa.

This time last year, Punta Gorda city officials alerted residents to strange sounds that many had reported coming from black drumfish in the city’s canals “during spawning season.” The Miami Herald reported.



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