Naked Cowboy Endorses Zeldin for NY Governor

Robert Burck, better known as The Naked Cowboy, endorsed Republican New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin in a music video Wednesday.

Burck, best known for playing the guitar in New York City’s Times Square while wearing nothing but underwear and a cowboy hat, sang in support of Zeldin, who is running against Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul in Tuesday’s election. Burck touted Zeldin’s ability to tackle crime, fix the economy and “stop teaching CRT [critical race theory]” and “gender fluidity.”

“Lee Zeldin for Governor of New York,” he sang. “This one-party Democratic rule clearly doesn’t work. Gonna restore law and order, repeal the cashless bail, fire all the woke DAs that won’t put these thugs in jail. Reduce tax and regulations, build the economy, before more wealthy New Yorkers take their tax dollars and flee. Stop teaching CRT and gender fluidity. Stick with math and science and the ABCs.”

The Naked Cowboy has openly supported former President Donald Trump and has repeatedly stood in front of Trump Tower wearing underwear with the word, “Trump” in large red, white and blue letters across the back, according to the New York Post.

Zeldin has centered his campaign around tackling New York City‘s rising crime rate, which he has been a victim of. In July, a suspect attempted to stab the candidate in the neck while upstage during his campaign event on bail reform. Three months later, a shooting occurred in front of his Long Island home while his twin daughters were home. (RELATED: Republican Lee Zeldin Gains Lead In New York Governor’s Race: POLL) 

Though his platform does not explicitly mentioned CRT, Zeldin has proposed banning a “divisive curriculum that pits children against one another based on race and other factors” and “age-inappropriate” sex education, according to Chalkbeat.

Polls have consistently been in Hochul’s favor in the largely Democratic state. The race, however, has narrowed in most recent polls. Hochul holds a near 5 point lead on average against Zeldin, standing at 49%-45%, according to RealClearPolitics.

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