Navy SEAL Details The Time Tom Brady Got Attacked By ‘One Of The Most Aggressive Beasts Of A Dog’

Former Navy SEAL Chris Fettes recently detailed how Tom Brady was attacked by a dog during a hostage rescue exercise.

Fettes recalls being attacked by a dog as he was picking him up. interview and out kick.

“We were running a hostage rescue scenario at Gillette Stadium,” Fettes said. “Finally, we went to the field and had a little hello and a photo. Tom Brady was so excited.

Fettes added that the quarterback was unaware that a dog owned by SEALs was nearby and had been “unmuzzled”, leading to the attack. one of the most aggressive beasts in the world.”

“He lunged at Tom Brady and grabbed him by the thigh. because they are trained to target

Fettes argues that Brady’s situation could have been much worse had there not been a handler nearby.

“He was very tough about it and said, ‘I’m not going anywhere. Let’s finish with this. Let’s hang out,” he added.

Brady has spoken out about his 2018 Super Bowl offense.

“I was walking to the middle of the field and there was a helicopter flying and people were lined up,” Brady said. Said. “Some guys were excited to see us walk out. So I was close to everyone and didn’t realize there was a dog. And obviously they were Labradors. They were tough dogs, I put my arms up over my head and I think the minute I raised my arms they jumped up and they were aiming for my neck .”

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