Navy secretary says Tuberville ‘aiding and abetting’ communist, autocratic regimes

Navy Secretary Carlos del Toro on Tuesday condemned Senator Tommy Tuberville (R, Alabama) for continuing to withhold military promotions, saying the senator is undermining America’s military preparations.

Cuban-born Del Toro said, “As someone born in a communist country, I never imagined that one of our senators was actually supporting and abetting a communist or other dictatorship. He said. In an interview with CNN.

“This has had a really negative impact and will continue to have a really negative impact on our combat readiness,” he continued.

Mr. Tuberville has suspended promotions for all levels of the military for six months over protests against Pentagon policies allowing military personnel access to abortion treatments. The controversial blockade has drawn widespread criticism from Democrats, the White House, military leaders and advocates, and even Alabama voters.

Republicans have tried to negotiate with senators to stop the protests, but have so far failed.

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall told CNN About the promo block on Tuesday.

“What Senator Tuberville is doing seriously harms our national security,” he said.

The interview comes after Del Toro, Kendall and Secretary of War Christine Wormuth published an op-ed in the Washington Post earlier Tuesday calling on Mr. Tuberville to stop the protests.

“The claim that blocking senior promotions does no direct harm to the military is plain, simple, and false,” they wrote.

The lack of promotions could cause many of the military’s top talent to retire in search of better jobs, they argued.

“Throughout our careers in national security, we have deeply valued bipartisan support for military personnel and their families,” they continued.

“However, Mr. Tuberville suggested in that spirit that rather than seeking a resolution to the impasse, he intended to further escalate the conflict by launching baseless political attacks against these men and women. “

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