NBA in-season tournament prizes: Money, awards, explained

The NBA In-Season Tournament has been a success since its first year. The tournament consists of multiple games, starting with group play games built into the regular season, quarterfinal games held at the higher seeds' home arenas, and ending with the final four teams traveling to Las Vegas for the semifinals and championship. It was characterized by a phase of

As the season's tournaments draw to a close, you can not only win rights, but also stake prizes. Players and coaches compete for prize money based on how far their teams advance in tournaments. The NBA names an MVP and honors the first team of all tournaments.

With the prizes, the league hoped to encourage teams to not rest players during the tournament. Load management has been a hot topic in NBA circles for a decade now, but the in-season tournament was competitive from the get-go, with all 30 teams eligible to win. Before the championship game against the Indiana Pacers. Los Angeles Lakers Here's a breakdown of my wallet on Saturday night.

NBA tournament prize money

All players on the champion's roster for the in-season tournament will receive a $500,000 bonus. Reach the championship game and lose? That's a $200,000 bonus. If a player reaches the semifinals, he will receive $100,000, and if he reaches the quarterfinals, he will receive $50,000. The only exception is for two-way players. Who receives half the pay of a player on the main roster.

Head coaches also receive the same bonuses as players. According to ESPN. Assistant coaches will split the pool, which is 75 percent of the total coaches.

NBA in-season tournament awards

The NBA awards a trophy to the team that wins the in-season tournament. That trophy is called the NBA Cup.

An MVP will also be named at the tournament. The championship trophy and MVP trophy look like this.

Photo by Stephen Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images

The league will also be an all-tournament team.

Lakers vs Pacers Season Tournament Championship: Dates, TV times, streaming and more

The Los Angeles Lakers will take on the Indiana Pacers on Saturday, December 9th for the In-Season Tournament Championship. Here's how to watch:

date: December 9th

starting time: 8:30 PM ET

tv set: ABC

streaming: watch ESPN



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