Ncuti Gatwa Tells ‘Doctor Who’ Fans ‘Don’t Watch. Turn Off the TV’ After His Debut Ratings Fail to Impress

Actor Nkuti Gatwa, now star of a long-running sci-fi series Doctor Whois telling potential viewers not to watch the show if they don’t like his casting or political sermons.

“Don’t watch it. Turn off the TV. Please go and touch the grass, please,” Gatwa said of his critics in a recent article. interview and variety.

as That Park Place He points out that actors are in a precarious position if they want to be openly hostile to the show’s existing fans.

In Doctor Who, the main character is recast every few years and is incorporated into the show’s story as a “Time Lord,” a humanoid but alien character who takes on a new body and personality. . Gatwa is the 15th actor to play the title character, and the first black and queer character to appear after the series’ first gender swap, when actress Jodie Whittaker played the role.

To drum up interest in Gatwa’s first appearance, the BBC aired four 60th anniversary specials starring fan favorite David Tennant as the Doctor and bringing back former showrunner Russell T. Davies. Doctor Who In the mid-2000s it became a cultural phenomenon for a new generation.

However, viewers were disappointed by the deeply woke dialogue in Tennant’s reappearance, including a transgender character accusing Tennant of not being able to relinquish power because he is a “male entity.” did. In the future, we can also expect drag queen Jynx Monsoon to appear as a villain who will face off against Gatowa’s Doctor.

At the end of the third special, Tennant did not “regenerate” into Gatowa and split into two Time Lords. This is a fluke phenomenon called “two generations.” So if Gatwa’s character disappears from fans, Davis could shift the show’s focus back to Tennant’s character. However, after appearing, Gatwa had to carry the entire episode alone, and the viewer ratings were not very impressive.

The first two specials, starring Tennant alone as the Doctor, drew 5.08 million and 4.83 million viewers. Interest in “The Couscous,” which first brought Gatois to the screen, continued to wane, with only 4.62 million viewers. Gatwa’s first solo episode, “Church on Ruby Road,” saw an increase of just 80,000 viewers to 4.7 million viewers, according to . BBC.

According to That Park Place, “The Church on Ruby Road” was the second-lowest debut episode for any actor to play the Doctor, with less than half the audience for the introduction of its female predecessor.

Gatwa’s debut as the Doctor had the second-worst ratings in the show’s history. Jodie Whittaker’s debut episode, “The Woman Who Fell to Earth,” had a total audience of 10.96 million viewers.

The only Doctor Who debut to surpass Gatwa’s debut was the first episode of Doctor Who, with William Hartnell playing the first Doctor in An Unearthly Child. This episode aired in 1963 and had an initial audience of 4.4 million viewers. But Hartnell’s The First Doctor will likely see an increase in viewership with his next 10 episodes. Initially, the number increased to 5.9 million. In the third episode, it rose to 6.9 million. By episode 7, it had reached 8.9 million viewers. In episode 8, it increased to 9.9 million. By the 10th episode, it had reached 10.4 million viewers.

Elsewhere in his interview, varietyshowrunner Davis addressed the criticism of. Doctor Who If the show appeals to kids, cast a “queer” actor to play the Doctor (which will be streamed) disney plus).

“If you’re six years old, I don’t think you care, you don’t care at all,” said the producer of the film. queer as folk In the 1990s, he said. “But nevertheless, as the world gets darker, and I think the world gets darker around queer rights, there is joy and celebration and there is community.”

“Whether you are 12 years old and just starting to figure out who you are, or 62 years old and have never been who you really are, you are like me, 61 years old and figuring out your place in society. “Even if you’re starting to worry about him, he’s a hero tearing through the universe, and he suits up very well and does it with a laugh and a smile,” he added.

As reported by Breitbart News, Gatois spent his first season being promoted as a star. Doctor Who With a host of awakened grievances, from “white mediocrity” to “transphobia.”

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