Nebraska hit with up to 10 inches of rain in 24-hour period; flood advisories in effect

The National Weather Service said it had “five to 10 inches of rain” in the area in the past 24 hours, and southwestern Nebraska had a flash flood warning in place since Friday.

The advisory, which has extended to neighboring counties in Kansas and Colorado, comes as police in the area warn local residents not to cross flooded roads.

“At 11:31 a.m. CDT, local law enforcement reported thunderstorms with heavy rain in Palisade and Stratton, where rescue and evacuation measures are underway,” the National Weather Service said in a noon advisory. . “We got 5 to 10 inches of rain. We already have flash floods.”

“Parts of Colorado, northwestern Kansas, and southwestern Nebraska, including Colorado, Kit Carson County, and Yuma County, remain under flood monitoring through Saturday morning,” the NWS said. In northwestern Kansas: Cheyenne, Decatur, Graham, Norton, Rollins, Sheridan, Sherman, and Thomas counties. Dandy, Hitchcock and Red Willow in southwestern Nebraska. ”

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A truck stranded in flood waters in Dundee County, Nebraska on May 26, 2023. (Dundy County Sheriff’s Office)

The Dundee County Sheriff’s Office, west of Stratton, released images of a “full-size pickup truck” completely submerged in a flooded road.

It says, “Don’t try to cross standing water.”

There have been no reports of deaths or injuries, but the NWS said “most flood deaths occur in vehicles.”

“Do not attempt to cross water-covered bridges, depressions, or low watercourses. Never attempt to cross a flowing river, even a small one,” the group said. “Find another route over high ground to escape the rising water.

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“Motor drivers should not drive around roadblocks or attempt to drive through flooded areas,” the NWS added. “Please report any observed flooding to your local emergency services or law enforcement agencies and request that this information be passed on to the National Weather Service if it is safe to do so.”

The Benkelman Post and News Chronicle reported on its Facebook page that three boats were used to rescue five people and three dogs from the Stratton homes.

It also shared an image of a railway bridge that it said was “partially collapsed” due to flooding in the area.

“One end of the concrete foundation may have flowed out,” the report said.

Floods in Dundee County, Nebraska

Flooded roads in Dundee County in southwestern Nebraska. (Dundy County Sheriff’s Office)


Flooding also closed many roads in the area.

The Dundee County Sheriff’s Office said, “People traveling to Enders, Wawneta and Trenton should stop working and stay home.” “Don’t take the risk. It’s not worth the risk. Paramedics are already crammed throughout the area. Stay home and stay safe.”

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