Nebraska man pulled over for driving with bull in shotgun

A video has gone viral after a man in Nebraska was pulled over for carrying a giant bull with big horns on a shotgun.

A man driving a sedan carrying a large bull was stopped by Norfolk Police officers around 10 am on Wednesday while driving east on Highway 275. Police cracked down on traffic for a man who was driving a giant Watusi bull in the passenger seat.

The driver was driving a vehicle with the passenger side roof and windshield cut away to accommodate a giant bull. A guardrail was also installed on the passenger side to keep the giant animal inside the car.

according to Yahoo“According to the photos, the passenger side door had been replaced with a metal grate guardrail typically found in cattle corrals.”

news channel nebraska “The occupant of the vehicle has been identified as Lee Meyer of Nehley. The Watusi bull’s name was Howdy Doody. Lee was immediately stopped by the Norfolk Police during a routine traffic stop. ” reported.

Inspector Chad Lyman, Norfolk Police Department, said: “Cops received a call that there was a cow in a car driving into town.” “They thought it would be a calf or something small, or something that could actually fit in a car.”

“As a result, officers made traffic stops and addressed several traffic violations that were occurring in that particular situation,” Lyman said.

“The officer wrote him some warnings,” Lyman added. “There were some citable issues with the situation. The police decided to write him a warning and ask him to take the animal home and leave the city.”

Rep. Thomas Massey (Republican, Kentucky) joked About the giant bull in the car,Maybe he just needed help “steering”. “

Howdy Doody is known for performing at the Nebraska Parade.

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Video: A bull riding a shotgun in a

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