Nebraska man pulled over for driving with bull riding shotgun

Holy cow!

In Nebraska, a man was stopped driving a small car with a giant Watusi bull in the passenger seat on a highway.

Officers at the Norfolk Police Department were called around 10 a.m. Wednesday of a man riding a cow with a shotgun driving east on Highway 275.

“They thought it was a calf or something small or something that could actually fit in a car,” said Police Capt. Chad Lyman. told news channel Nebraska Northeast.

In the photo, a giant black-and-white bull named Howdy Doody casually rides in a small modified car with giant shoulders, head, roof and monster horns jutting out from where half of the windshield used to be. It is in the picture.

Auto show photos show that the passenger side door has been replaced with a metal grid guardrail, commonly found in cattle corrals.

On Wednesday, the man and the bull were seen driving east on Highway 275.
Northeast – News Channel Nebraska

bull in car
The Watusi bull was named Howdy Doody and had huge horns.
Northeast – News Channel Nebraska

On the railing was a sign that read, “Big Rodeo Parade, Nebraska: Best Car Entry.”

“As a result, officers made traffic stops and addressed several traffic violations that were occurring in that particular situation,” Lyman said.

Police have identified the driver of the vehicle as Lee Meyer, who lives in Nehri.

“The officers wrote him some warnings,” Lehman told the media. “There were some issues with the situation to mention. The police decided to write him a warning and ask him to take the animal home and leave the city.”

bull in car
Police expected to find a calf or smaller cow in the car instead of a giant bull.
Northeast – News Channel Nebraska

Back view of a cow in a car
The driver of the car had been warned multiple times before being pulled off by police.
Northeast – News Channel Nebraska

Police say Meyer and Howdy Doody have since returned home.

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