Need Work Permits, TPS for ‘All’ Migrants, Diplomacy to End Crises in Africa, Afghanistan to Stem Tide

On Thursday’s MSNBC broadcast of “The Chris Jansing Report,” Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) said the Biden administration will provide all immigrants in the country with work permits and the recently expanded Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuelans. ) and stated that: “We heard that this is coming from migrants from North Africa, Afghanistan and Ukraine. It is essential.” And diplomacy is also needed to “end the crisis in our own countries and stem the flow.”

“I’m feeling the impact of the immigration crisis in my hometown of Chicago, and last Friday I traveled to New York with colleagues. I think the president has done what is truly the most important tool,” Quigley said. He has to fund them, he has to provide these migrants with the resources they need to provide shelter, food, schooling, health care, but he has to ensure that Venezuelans immediately We just allowed them to get a work permit. Do you want to empty the shelters? Let these people work. I’ve met a lot of immigrants and they all want to work. They want to pursue the American Dream. They know the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, and they remind us that the Statue of Liberty does not hold up a stop sign.”

Host Chris Jansing then asked, “So do you think this could work outside of New York? Would you like to see it happen in Chicago?”

Mr. Quigley replied: “I think that needs to happen everywhere. I think it’s part of the American dream. I think those tools are right at our fingertips. We’re going to have work permits and de-shelter and Venezuelans Let’s give status to everyone, not just the people. We hear this is coming from immigrants from North Africa, Afghanistan, Ukraine, it’s essential. And the last thing we need is to end the crisis in our own countries, I think it’s a diplomatic effort that has to be made to stem the flow.”

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