Nets’ new focus of getting into the paint pays off right away

Manager Jacque Vaughn has been begging his lineup to put the ball in the basket, and the Nets scored a season-high 76 points in the paint on Friday night against the Wizards.

“We really focused on getting the ball in the paint on offense, but it was one of those nights where there was a concerted effort to drive the basketball,” he said as the Nets entered the opener. Bourne said after picking up his sixth win in the match. A five-game trip to the West begins Monday in Sacramento. “There was a real effort on the offensive side of the floor to crash and rebound the basketball, and that paid off in a big way.

“When you can score that many points in the paint, it just gives you a chance to control the game.”

Mikal Bridges, who led the Nets with 21 points, added that the Nets were “just being aggressive and finding holes and mismatches” against the Wizards' defense.

“We were just being aggressive and finding holes and mismatches,” Mikal Bridges said during the Nets' blowout win over the Wizards. NBAE (via Getty Images)

“We have size and when we get in the paint, good things happen,” Bridges said. “So I think we were just trying to drive and either get to the rim or kick out. Just knowing that when you touch that paint, good things happen.”

Little-used big man Harry Giles III made the most of his third appearance of the season, scoring eight points and grabbing two rebounds in five minutes of action in the big win.

“Harry isn't playing because Dayron is here.” [Sharpe] and nick [Claxton]” Vaughn said of his two major centers. “Apart from that, Harry will play. He's good enough to play. He's good enough to be in the game.

“You think very highly of him. I mean, you don't really know the work that he does on a day-to-day basis. …Every day he comes in and does his job and has a smile on his face. and ready to cheer everyone up at the start of the game. [and] At the end of the game. I was really happy to have him in our locker room. If Dayron and Nick weren't there, Harry would be playing. ”



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