‘Never meant to disrespect any Native Americans’

A young Kansas City Chiefs fan called out by a sports reporter for wearing red and black face paint and an indigenous headdress during a game claims he is indigenous and speaks out about the controversy. ing.

Holden Armenta and his father, Bubba, appeared exclusively on “Jesse Watters Prime Time” on Wednesday, where Deadspin reporter Caron J. Phillips revealed that the 9-year-old boy was wearing “blackface.” He responded to accusations that he “finds ways to hate black people and Native Americans.” At the same time. ”

Phillips initially published a photo of the boy with only half of his face covered in black paint, but later released an additional photo showing Holden with half his face covered in red and half black paint. The photo has been published.

Nine-year-old Holden Armenta watches the Chiefs vs. Raiders game in Las Vegas on November 26th.

The Armenta family said they are Chumash from California and previously lived on the reservation.

“We in no way intend to disrespect Native Americans or tribes in any way, shape or form. Our tribes of origin don’t even wear headdresses like that. This particular headdress is a novelty. .The costumes,” the elder Armenta said Wednesday on “Jesse Watters Prime Time.” “That’s exactly what we bought it for and wore it for. There was no disrespect towards Native Americans at all.”

Phillips went on to double down on his “blackface” allegations, even going so far as to argue that the red paint on Holden’s face “makes the situation even worse.”

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In a now-deleted post on X, formerly known as Twitter, the reporter wrote, “Just because the other side of my face was painted red in my mentions… To the idiots who treat this like a harmless act, I would make the following argument: “It makes things even worse. It’s you guys who are doing it.”

Tweet a photo

Screenshot of a deleted tweet from Deadspin reporter Carron J. Phillips. ((Jesse Watters Prime Time))

Holden said he was “starting to get a little nervous” in response to what he was wearing during a Nov. 26 game against the Raiders. “I mean, it’s kind of scary when they go a little too far,” he says.

The father added that the boy was “upset” and “pretty devastated” when he learned of Phillips’ “blackface” claims.

Bava said it was “a little too late” for an apology from a Deadspin reporter because “the damage has already been done.”

“You know, it’s happening all over the world. There are comments all over the place right now. You know, there’s disrespect for Native Americans and my family,” he said.

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“I’ve been flooded with comments from other tribes and tribe members. Some think it’s okay, some think it’s not good. It’s a 9-year-old boy rooting for his team.”

tomahawk chop

Chiefs fan Holden Armenta shows off his tomahawk chop. ((Screenshot/Jesse Watters Primetime))


Holden said it “feels really good” to know that Chiefs fans will reportedly wear black and red face paint to cheer him on at the next game.



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