New Big Tech CEO Is A Major Simp For Raunchy Internet Prostitute

New OpenAI CEO Emmett Shear was exposed Monday as a major simp for a camgirl and prostitute named Aella Martin.

Shear has a paid Twitter subscription to Aella, who goes by her first name only and describes herself as a “whorelord” and sex worker. A subscription costs nine dollars a month.

“The new CEO of OpenAI has a subscription to Aella. A Coomer CEO. It is over,” one user wrote after discovering Shear’s special interest.

In the past year, Sear has left several comments on Aella’s posts defending the porn star, who also dabbles in sex-related data science. He accused one user, who was supposedly blocked by Aella, of making her “upset.” (RELATED: Popular AI Less Likely To Flag ‘Hateful Content’ That Targets Whites, Republicans, Men, Research Finds)

“Aella follows very high scrupulosity discussion norms,” Shear wrote. “Looking back in your history referencing her, I can’t find anything that would even mildly upset her. Therefore, you probably deleted something.”

Shear was announced as OpenAI’s new CEO on Monday after the company’s previous CEO, Sam Altman, was ousted by OpenAI’s board of directors on Friday. Altman was “not consistently candid in his communications with the board,” according to the blog post announcement.

OpenAI is the company behind popular AI chatbot ChatGPT.

Aella, a top-grossing OnlyFans star, famously claimed to have had sex more times than she showered in 2022, according to the New York Post.