New Down syndrome Barbie doll has pro-lifers cheering: ‘A huge step forward for inclusion’

Mattel just announced the release of a Barbie doll with Down syndrome, and pro-life advocates across social media couldn’t be happier about it.

The AP tweeted about the new doll on Tuesday, prompting a series of pro-life replies and quote tweets.

  • “This is good,” said Zby, the British rapper who became an international sensation in 2019. He demonstrated the absurdity of so-called transgenderism by simply revealing himself as a woman in order to break down the sexism of British women. deadlift record.
  • “This is good,” added Lila Rose, president of the anti-abortion organization Live Action.
  • The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh said of the new Barbie doll, “It’s pro-life.” , is one case where ‘inclusion and representation’ really matters.”
Even Mattel executives hinted at respecting all of her lives statement About dolls. Lisa McKnight, executive vice president and global head of Barbie dolls at Mattel, said:
“Our goal is for every child to be able to see themselves in Barbie. statement He continued, “While encouraging children to play with dolls that do not look like themselves, doll play outside of children’s own life experiences teaches understanding, builds greater empathy, and is more receptive.” You can lead the world.

Eléonor Laloux, a French city councilor who also has Down syndrome, embraces Mattel’s inclusive message. “I want to share my experience and show the world that it is possible to live happily with Down syndrome,” she said in French.

Mattel staff took great care during development to accurately portray Down’s Syndrome in the doll. The company has partnered with the National Down Syndrome Society to work together to ensure that Barbie dolls with Down syndrome are a positive and accurate representation of someone with Down syndrome. For example, Barbie with Down syndrome wears her three chevron necklaces representing her three copies of her 21st chromosome, the genetic abnormality that causes Down syndrome. The dress worn by Barbie with Down syndrome is also blue and yellow and is decorated with butterflies, the colors and symbols of Down syndrome awareness.

Additionally, the Down Syndrome Barbie doll exhibits the body type often associated with Down syndrome: a short frame, almond-shaped eyes, and a flat nose bridge. She wears ankle foot insoles. The patient needs support and stability.

“This Barbie doll is a reminder that the power of expression should never be underestimated. press release From Kandi Pickard, President and CEO of NDSS. “This is a huge step forward towards inclusion and a moment we are celebrating.”

In fact, Down syndrome dolls could represent a change in the way Western culture views people with Down syndrome. IcelandIn the United States, nearly 100% of fetuses diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted.Before Law vs Wade Overturned last summer, the U.S. was only marginally welcoming babies with Down syndrome. 2020 report from life news showed that 67% of fetuses diagnosed with Down syndrome in the United States are aborted.

whether Dobbs overturn the decision egg I don’t know yet if it will affect that rate much. In the meantime, NDSS’s Michelle Sagan hopes the new Barbie doll will help society understand the joy that people with Down syndrome often exhibit. I hope to open up a conversation about what it is,” she said.

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