New Hampshire man charged for sending threatening voicemail to senator

A New Hampshire man was charged Friday with threatening to kill a U.S. senator, federal prosecutors said.

Bryan Landry, 66, reportedly threatened to beat, kidnap and kill U.S. officials for allegedly leaving threatening voicemails to Senate field offices on May 17. indicted on the charges. New Hampshire District Federal Attorney’s Office.

“Hey, you idiot,” said the voicemail. “I’m a seasoned sniper, and unless you change your ways, I’ve pointed my scope in your direction and I’ll pick you up. Walking dead, you bastard.” “

According to reports, Landry told investigators after seeing reports that a congressman was “blocking military promotions” and “strongly criticized certain politicians for their treatment of critical qualification programs for veterans.” I feel the anger of the people,” he said. NBC News.

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) promotes and appoints hundreds of senior military officers since February in protest against new Pentagon policy allowing military personnel to travel for abortions with paid leave and compensation. has been at the forefront of suppressing

The Alabama Republican has faced backlash over the controversial suspension and has been reprimanded by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and seven former Pentagon secretaries from the last four administrations. .

“This indefinite hold undermines the national security of the United States and interferes with the normal operations of the Department of Defense,” Austin said in a May letter. “The longer this hold lasts, the more risk U.S. forces risk in every theater, every area, and every service.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, Kentucky) also said he does not support a blanket hold on Mr. Tuberville’s military promotion.

White House National Security Advisor Tuberville resigned on Tuesday after a Washington Post article suggested he was largely involved in the suspension. But the adviser later told Politico that the article exaggerated his role.

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