New Hampshire Officially Chooses January 23 Primary Despite DNC’s Snub

New Hampshire has officially chosen January 23 as its primary date, despite Democratic Party efforts to strip the state of its “first-in-the-nation primary” status.

Secretary of State David Scanlan the announcer saidThis week, he criticized the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for its controversial decision to select South Carolina in the nation’s first primary, citing “diversity” concerns.

“Our nation’s first status is currently being challenged by the Democratic National Committee due to alleged concerns about a lack of racial diversity,” Scanlan said.

“Using racial diversity as a cudgel to recalibrate the presidential nominating calendar sets an ugly precedent. At what point does a state become too old, too wealthy, too educated, too religious?” Will it become so expensive that we can’t hold early primaries?” he asked, adding that “national party committee elites” essentially “control the nomination calendar and the voters.” He claimed that he was trying to decide on a political party’s candidate.

Meanwhile, South Carolina’s primary election will be held on February 3rd. As a result of the DNC’s decision to select South Carolina as its first race, President Biden will not be on the New Hampshire ballot because the Granite State has refused to comply with the DNC’s demands. request. But some people have started writing in, and Mr. Biden has at least made some progress in the state.

As Breitbart News reported over the summer, South Carolina was Biden’s “first decisive primary win of 2020, but it was only the fourth state to vote by the beginning of the primary cycle.” Ta”.

There was also debate among Democratic Party officials that the predominantly white states of Iowa and New Hampshire should not play as big a role in choosing the party’s nominees. Making South Carolina a top priority would give the state’s overwhelmingly black voters, who make up the Democratic primary, a greater voice and better reflect the party’s commitment to diversity.

However, the biggest reason for the change is that Biden has consistently struggled to win early primary states. In 2020, he lost in a landslide to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who won Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, making him the first candidate in history to win all three of both parties’ primary nomination contests. became a person. A frightened Democratic establishment rallied behind Biden as soon as he won the South Carolina race.

Biden’s re-election campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said in a letter to New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley that Biden wishes to participate in the primary, but that the party’s decision does not allow him to participate in the primary. “I have an obligation to comply,” he said.

“After formally winning the nomination at the 2024 Democratic National Convention, the President looks forward to having his name appear on the New Hampshire general election ballot as the Democratic candidate, where he will be running the Granite state next November. “I will campaign vigorously to win even one vote,” she added.



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