New Report Shows Baldwin Pulled Trigger, Could Be Charged Again In ‘Rust’ Shooting

Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin. (Photo credit: Jason Mendes/Getty Images)

Brooke Mallory of OAN
2:14pm – Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Actor Alec Baldwin charged with manslaughter in shooting rust Cinematographer Halina Hutchins stepped down earlier this year. The move is said to have come after the special counsel in charge of the case said he wanted more time to investigate the guns used.


Prosecutors also said at the time that charges could be re-filed later.

According to Variety, the issue was that the gun had been modified for use in the film, so Baldwin’s defense argued that it could have fired without anyone pulling the trigger.

This claim could not be proven or disproved at the time, as the gun had been dismantled by the FBI as part of the case investigation. But a new report says the gun has been rebuilt and underwent new forensic tests, revealing it could only fire if someone pulled the trigger.

The study describes the situation as follows. “Fatalities have resulted from the hammer being manually retracted fully rearward and into the cocked position, and then at some point being triggered or pushed backward.”

Baldwin consistently denies pulling the trigger, but the new study found that “a fully cocked or retracted hammer required sufficient trigger pull or depression to release.” claim.

According to Variety, prosecutors previously said they intended to reindict Baldwin if the gun was found to be in normal working order.

On the other hand, the lawsuit against rust Armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed has been charged with manslaughter and tampering with evidence and is still pending, with a trial scheduled for December this year.

Hutchins’ 10-year-old son Andros and husband Matthew were shocked by the unexpected death.

The victim’s husband said, “I cannot comment on the facts and the process we are going through, but I am grateful to all of you for being so sympathetic.”

Matthew Hutchins became an associate of law firm Latham & Watkins in March 2021. Latham & Watkins has offices in areas such as Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., and is best known for representing the Clinton Foundation in the 2016 Clinton campaign and numerous lawsuits. is.

Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Reported September 10thth,2008describes this powerful law firm as a “second home” for the Department of Justice, noting that many of the firm’s attorneys, both past and present, have close ties to DOJ employees. suggesting.

It’s unclear if the surviving Hutchins still works for the company.

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