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New Scientific Study Affirms Bible: Jerusalem Was a Major City Under David and Solomon

Archaeologists and historians have wondered for decades whether the Bible’s account of Jerusalem being a metropolis during the time of King David and King Solomon is accurate, or whether the Bible’s account is inaccurate, as skeptics have suggested. It has been debated whether Jerusalem was an insignificant town or village or not. But now, a major new scientific study conducted in Israel has confirmed what the Bible describes as a metropolitan area.

The study, conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority, Tel Aviv University, and the Weizmann Institute of Science, uses science “to connect the events described in the Bible with archaeological discoveries excavated in the City of David.”

“A new study sheds light on one of the long-standing controversial research questions about the nature and extent of Jerusalem during the reigns of David and Solomon and beyond. “This indicates the presence of extensive settlements in the area,” the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) said in a statement. news release.

As part of the study, scientists studied grape seeds, date palm seeds, bat skeletons and other natural materials found in structures in four different excavated areas on the eastern and western slopes of the City of David. .

“By measuring the amount of carbon in organic material and calculating it in conjunction with other variables, researchers were able to determine the exact age of many of the findings in the City of David,” the IAA said in a news release. “I was able to do it,” he said.

Specifically, the researchers used ancient tree rings from Europe to “create an accurate chronology of single-year dates,” from which they could “determine precisely changes in the proportion of carbon-14 in the atmosphere.” “is possible,” the IAA said.

“This research serves as the first scientific reconstruction of Jerusalem’s history from 1200 BC (before the time of David and Solomon according to the Biblical account) to the fall of Babylon in 586 BC,” the organization said. said.

According to an Israeli newspaper, this scientific study Haaretz“It is interesting to note that this city was already an important urban center in the time of David and Solomon, and not an insignificant village, as scholars skeptical of the historicity of the Bible have long argued.” It brings clues.”

The study was published in the journal PNAS.

Photo courtesy: ©Israel Antiquities Authority

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