New York Democrat suspends campaign for Santos’s former seat, backs Suozzi

Democratic candidates vying for former Congressman George Santos' (New York, NY) seat after the New York Democratic Party selects former Representative Tom Suozzi (NY) to run in a special election in February. The campaign ended on Thursday. .

Former state Sen. Anna Kaplan later endorsed Suozzi in the special election.

“We need to get 2024 off to a good start, and that means electing Tom Suozzi to flip this seat and move Democrats closer to a majority,” she said. stated in a statement.

The statement marks a swift change in attitude from Kaplan, who previously said his nomination of Suozzi to the seat wasjeopardize our chances “For winning this seat” and “will cause irreparable damage to the NDP in 2024.”

Suozzi previously held the 3rd district seat, but lost to Santos in 2022. Santos was expelled from parliament last week amid allegations of corruption and fraud. He faces 23 criminal charges for his alleged actions.

“I will work with both parties day and night to make life here more affordable, safer and better for people. We served for the United States, and we will serve again by putting you above our partisanship. Let's reject this nonsense and get back to work,” Suozzi said. said in a statement shared withpreviously on Twitter, shortly after news of his nomination was announced.

The special election will be held on February 13th. The state Republican Party has not announced a candidate for the seat facing Suozzi.

The Cook Political Report classifies the seat as a “toss-up” seat for both the special election and the 2024 election, and the race is expected to be close. Democrats are expected to focus significant resources on this campaign, aiming to recoup losses they suffered in New York in the 2022 midterm elections.

In his announcement, Kaplan vowed to remain involved in politics.

“This is certainly not the end for me. I look forward to continuing to fight for New Yorkers every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she said.

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