New York Seeks To Curb Buses Of Migrants From Southern Border

Immigration influx is a central issue heading into the 2024 US presidential election (for delegates)

New York state plans to bus thousands of migrants into the city as part of an escalating battle over immigration, which is already a central campaign issue in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election. There are signs of a move to restrain policy.

Mayor Eric Adams has ordered that buses picking up migrants from the southern border with Mexico must give 32 hours' notice before arriving in the city, and that charter services are limited in the amount of time they can drop off passengers.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has chartered buses to transport newly arrived migrants from the border to New York, protesting the state's failures in the face of the flow of migrants.

New York City's action, announced late Wednesday, came after Adams met with Democratic mayors of Chicago and Denver, also popular destinations for newly arrived immigrants.

They called on state authorities, who Mr. Adams has repeatedly attacked for inaction, to take further action.

“Just last week, 14 charter buses carrying migrants arrived from Texas in one night, which is a record for one night,” Adams said.

“Cities cannot continue to do federal work. Federal and state aid is needed to resettle and support the remaining 68,000 immigrants currently in New York City's custody.” .”

New York, a megacity of 8.5 million people, has welcomed waves of immigrants throughout its history, with more than 161,500 asylum seekers arriving since spring 2022, City Hall announced.

– Central political issues –

More than 68,000 of them are still in the care of the city, which has opened 214 shelters, mostly in repurposed hotels.

The influx of migrants has become a central issue as campaign activity ramps up in the run-up to next year's presidential election and record numbers of people arrive at the US' southern border.

The number of people attempting to enter the United States without authorization has soared to about 10,000 per day this month, nearly double the number before the coronavirus pandemic.

There are few Mexican immigrants, most of whom in recent years have fled Central American countries ravaged by extreme poverty, rampant violence and crop failures caused by climate change.

“We just want to work. We don't ask for anything for free, and we never did,” Maynor Estuardo Villegas, a migrant from Guatemala, said in the southern Mexican town of Escuintla on his way to the United States. That's not the case,'' he said. immigrant caravan.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken made an unusual trip to Mexico City during Christmas week to address the issue as rival Republicans pressure US President Joe Biden to crack down on immigration in return for Congress to agree to more aid to Ukraine. went.

Immigration is a top issue for Republicans heading into a general election year, leaving Democrats vulnerable in battleground states.

In the year to the end of September 2023, Border Patrol agents recorded a record 2.4 million encounters with migrants at both official ports of entry and other locations along the southern border.

Buses carrying migrants arrive in New York City, sometimes at bus stops in Manhattan, and many continue to seek shelter and assistance from city officials who are legally obligated to provide them.

“We are strongly asking bus operators and businesses not to participate in Governor Abbott's actions,” Adams said Wednesday.

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