New York stores are now required to post the extra charges for paying with a credit card – Yahoo Canada Finance

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Under a new state law that took effect Sunday, New York businesses are now required to clearly post how much their products will cost if customers pay with a credit card. There is.

Under the Consumer Protection Act, stores will no longer be able to post signs on their doors or registers stating that there will be an additional charge for credit card purchases.

Instead, you can simply display higher credit card prices next to lower cash prices, or change all product prices to credit card prices.

“New Yorkers should never have to deal with hidden credit card costs,” Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul, who signed the law into law late last year, said in a statement. If it doesn’t happen, you’ll be able to trust it.” statement.

The new measures do not apply to debit cards, and credit card surcharges will be limited to the amount that the processing company charges businesses.

The Partnership for New York City, a nonprofit business group, said in a statement that it supports the bill, adding that this type of disclosure “increases consumer trust in businesses and has long-term benefits for all involved.”

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