Newly-Minted American Legend Just Braved Hurricane Ian Shirtless To Wave A ‘F*ck Biden’ Flag

An unnamed Florida man braved Hurricane Ian shirtless on Wednesday while waving a profane anti-Biden flag.

The light-haired man in red shorts persevered against the monsoon winds and torrential downpour, holding his “FUCK BIDEN” flag, a Twitter video showed. He made no verbal statements against President Joe Biden, but he and the recorder both uttered ecstatic whoops as the flag-bearer waved his fist triumphantly in the air. “He’s my hero!!!” one woman wrote in the comment section.

Another man from Cape Coral, Florida, also stood against the storm, but this on held an American flag, a tweet from Newsmax showed. The man flew the American flag against 110+ mph winds, the post stated.

Hurricane Ian hit Florida Wednesday, with some authorities estimating that fatalities could be in the hundreds. (RELATED: Cuba Legalizes Gay Marriage)

The hurricane calmed to tropical storm levels Thursday morning, but the squall is projected to return to hurricane levels of force as it reaches the Atlantic Ocean, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

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