Newly released footage shows heroic officer go from telling kids to wear their seatbelts to running towards gunfire and putting down mass mall shooter: ‘I’m moving as fast as I can’

A 33-year-old shooter killed eight people, including three children, and injured 10 at the Allen Premium Outlet Mall in Texas on May 6. If the Allen Police officers hadn’t hesitated to run to the sound of gunfire and “neutralize” the threat, the perpetrators would have taken even more innocent lives.

The Allen Police Department on Wednesday released body-worn camera footage of officers following a grand jury ruling that officers were justified in using force under Texas law.

Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey said, “This video shows how a routine interaction with the public can quickly turn into a life-or-death situation.” statement. “The officer recognized the danger, ran to the gunshot and neutralized the threat. For his actions, the Allen community will forever be grateful.”

At the beginning of the video, an anonymous police officer is seen talking to two young children in a shopping mall parking lot, instructing them to follow their mother’s instructions.

“I hope everyone is doing well, okay?” says the police officer. “Also, make sure you wear your seatbelt when you’re driving, okay?”

The girl is heard to answer in the affirmative, but several gunshots ring out in rapid succession, interrupting her brother’s story. Her mother quickly grabs the children’s hands and pulls them closer.

Police officers never rest.

“I think they were shot in an outlet mall,” he said over the radio. “People running.”

He reached for his patrol car, picked up his rifle, and ordered passers-by to safety: “Go, go, go! Keep moving!”

Police approached screams and additional gunshots as they ran flat-out through the parking lot to the other side of the mall.

Sounds a little awkward, but he continues forward and radios in. ”

“I’m Tommy Hilfiger. I don’t know where he is,” said a police officer as he searched the arcade for the shooter.

Another barrage alerted police to the shooter’s location. Officers rushed forward, found the shooter, and fired about 14 well-placed shots.

“I dropped him off,” said the officer as he passed an abandoned pram.

As a colleague approached, the officer repeated, “Damn you guys, you know guys,” and told the bullet-riddled corpse of the shooter to “shut up.”

The culprit had three weapons on his body and five more in his car. report CNN.

Watch the video here:

The Texas Rangers and the Collin County District Attorney’s Office Monday presented the footage and other evidence to a grand jury regarding the officer’s use of force. The police officer was acquitted of any wrongdoing.

Former Dallas ISD Police Chief Craig Miller Said KDFW-TV, “The way he acted was unbelievable. , told him what he had, but it was at the same time.” Now he’s running towards the problem, towards this case. ”

James Cho, 3, was the victim of the shooting. Sofia Mendoza, 8 years old. Daniel Mendoza, 11 years old. Christian Lacourt, 20 years old. Aishwarya Tartikonda, 27 years old. Elio Cumana-Rivas, 32 years old. Cindy Cho, 35 years old. And Kyu Sung Cho (37).

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