Newsmax Host Blasts Texas GOP Over ‘Impaired’ House Speaker, Recommended Impeachment Of AG Paxton

Newsmax host Chris Salcedo on Friday lashed out at Republicans over the Texas House Speaker’s inebriation and congressional failure, as well as his impeachment recommendation for Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton.

A Texas House committee has recommended that Paxton be impeached for seeking a $3.3 million settlement from taxpayers in securities fraud allegations. Ahead of the committee’s recommendation, Paxton resigns as Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan after a leaked video appeared to show him injured while presiding over a debate in the Texas House of Representatives. requested. (Related: FOX News’ biggest rival predicts huge windfall after Tucker’s sudden resignation)

“In my home state of Texas, the Democrat-backed Republican leadership of the House has crushed a bill it overwhelmingly supported, like school choice,” Salcedo said. “According to a poll by the Democratic Morning News, all parties in Texas — Democrats, Republicans, and independents — have a majority in favor of parental school choice, but left-wing Republican leadership is all socialist anyway. and subverted parental rights.”

“The same left-wing Republicans passed a bill banning the teaching of Hate-Whitey ‘Critical Race Theory’ in Texas schools, but they offered no mechanism to enforce that worthless law. Therefore, an irresponsible government can do whatever it pleases, and Texas has confirmed that Republican House leadership is helpless and defenseless to protect their children,” Salcedo continued.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott threatened to veto the School Choice Act on May 15 after the school board cut the number of students eligible for the voucher.


Salcedo also blamed the Texas legislature. can’t pass A bill to ban land purchases in Texas, citing the need to prevent spying on military installations by China, Russia and other hostile nations.

“This all sounds kind of crazy. It should. I mean, you’d have to have a severe disability to run a state like this,” Salcedo said, referring to Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan. played part of a video of him slurring while serving as Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.

The Texas House of Representatives has announced an investigation into Mr. Phelan after Paxton called for him to resign. schedule Vote on impeachment on Saturday.

“While the Republican leadership of the Texas House of Representatives was busy serving China, serving socialists and deviants, and ruling in the Legislative Council, Paxton let their priorities pass at their beck and call. I’ve been busy being conservative and going against the Democrats,” Salcedo said. .

“I get emails from people all the time asking, ‘What can we do to stop the destruction of this country, led by Democrats and facilitated by supporters and Republicans,'” Salcedo concluded. “Well, what you can do is support the heroes before they’re gone.”

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