NewsNation to Spotlight ‘The Chosen Phenomenon’ in One-Hour Special Sunday

One of the country’s top journalists goes behind the scenes Chosen person NewsNation’s one-hour Sunday night special will include set visits and interviews with cast and crew.

Adrian Bankert, NewsNation co-anchor american morningSponsored by selected phenomenon How a Bible-based TV series became a worldwide hit at a time when many Hollywood TV series are struggling to find viewers will be aired Sunday at 9pm ET.

It also includes interviews with director Dallas Jenkins and cast members Jonathan Roomy, Elizabeth Tabish, and Vanessa Benavente. The show will also feature production president Mark Saurian and longtime Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren.

Bankert recently visited a set that recreates the city of Capernaum.

“It’s beautiful and historically accurate,” Bankert told Christian Headlines, noting that the interview took place before the Hollywood walkout.

“The audience for faith-based programming is growing,” Bankert said. She added that the series’ popularity is due to its quality and uniqueness.

“It was beautifully done,” Bankert said. “For a lot of people, you’ve seen a lot of cheap projects. And that’s not my word. When I actually talked to the cast members, they said that they were glad it wasn’t cheap, that it was a work they could be proud of, and that they realized the high quality of the work. …This is the largest crowdfunded entertainment project in history. With each episode, more and more people support this work. ”

Chosen person She said the piece is unique because it spotlights followers of Christ.

“We’ve never really seen a real-life portrayal of people who follow Jesus. We’ve seen a lot of projects about the life of Jesus,” she said.

Meanwhile, Bankert said Jenkins gave him the following idea: Chosen person It came after he experienced a low point in his career.

“He talks about how he was trying to make it big in LA and Hollywood and make the next big movie and make a lot of money and get a lot of accolades. And [then] His film project failed,” Bankert told Christian Headlines. “…he thought his career was over. So he returned to Illinois and i call it And he agreed to a meeting to visit Jesus and was volunteering at the church. And he came up with the following story idea: Chosen person

This series is entering its fourth season.An estimated 110 million people watched it. Chosen person World wide.

“It’s really crazy,” she said. “…Today, many people are showing hope in a way they need more than ever.”

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