NFL concedes refs got roughing the passer call against Jets wrong

The NFL told the Jets that officials made a mistake in Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys.

Jets defensive end John Franklin Myers was flagged for roughing the passer on a third-and-7 at his own 11-yard line in the second quarter.

The Jets almost left the field on a Dak Prescott incomplete burn, but a penalty extended the drive and the Cowboys ultimately scored a touchdown.

On Wednesday, the league confirmed to the Jets that the ball was legal and should not have been penalized, according to officials.

The penalty was awarded at a crucial moment in the match.

The Jets were trailing 10-7 with just over two minutes left in the first half. The touchdown after the penalty gave the Cowboys an 18-7 lead.

Jets coach Robert Saleh, who spoke to the media before the team received word from the league that the penalty was incorrect, was clearly upset by the decision.

Bill Kostron/New York Post

“There’s nothing I can coach to change that,” Saleh said. “He was dragged down. His face hit his hip on his knee, which is still legal. Everything about it was legal.”

It appears as if officials believed that Franklin Myers’ punch to Prescott below the knee was illegal. Replays showed that Franklin Myers hit Prescott in the upper leg, causing him to fall as Prescott threw the ball.

The Jets’ offensive line had major problems in pass protection against the Cowboys, but Saleh said he is not considering any lineup changes this week.

“That’s not the case now,” Saleh said. “Like I said, that same group ran for 180 yards against Buffalo. I said what happened on Sunday, and that’s the reality. Great day for coaching, playing, executing, everything. There wasn’t. I just have to turn the page and figure out how to get back on track.”

Saleh said the team wants to get second-year tight end Jeremy Ruckert more involved.

Ruckert played just five snaps Sunday despite being the best blocking tight end.

“I accept that Lukert needs to be on the field a little bit more,” Saleh said. “He represents all the right things. That’s the intent. We’ll see what happens. He’s going to continue to get better. He’s going to find his way into the offensive line.”

CB Sauce Gardner said of the Patriots’ offense, “They don’t have a very complex offense. It’s very easy for a quarterback to get a gap scheme and everything is really simple, but they’re good at it. It seems like all they’re trying to do is confuse other people and make them make mistakes. They just do everything right.”

The following Jets did not practice Wednesday: S Tony Adams (hamstring), OT Duane Brown (hip, shoulder), Franklin Myers (hip), K Greg Zuerlein (groin). OT Mekhi Becton (knee), CB Michael Carter II (elbow), RB Breece Hall (knee), and LB Quincy Williams (knee) were all at their limits. …The team signed WR Irv Charles to the practice squad and released DT Tanzel Smart.

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