NFL Pro Bowl 2024’s best and worst moments, starring Jalen Hurts and Baker Mayfield

As the NFL season reaches its finale, the eyes of the football world are on Orlando for Pro Bowl weekend. Some of the NFL’s top teams participated in fun weekend events like “Best Catch” and “Precision Passing,” and capped off the weekend with a high-scoring flag-his-football game.

With a lighter atmosphere and more access to players, the weekend was full of fun moments. We’ve compiled them here so you can look back at some of the great moments for Pro Bowl players in the rat country.

Baker Mayfield wins Precision Pass Challenge and hits Squibble

Baker Mayfield had a fun week in Orlando. The Bucks signal-caller was a late addition to the roster, but he stayed on and beat out Jalen Hurts, Geno Smith, Tua Tagovailoa, CJ Stroud and Gardner Minshew to win the Precision Passing Challenge. He and Stroud faced off in the final, with Mayfield winning by a narrow margin.

But instead of putting up a big fight, Mayfield performed his dance routine with a familiar face… detroit lions WR Amon Ra St. Brown. St. Brown danced after scoring a touchdown against the Bucs in the divisional round.

Puka Nacua catches a pass from his wakeboard

Best catch contest cleveland browns TE David Njoku and Los Angeles Rams Rookie WR Puka Nacua. It had a water theme, and Njoku and Nacua both incorporated the pool into their routines. Njoku missed all three chances to catch the ball (he tried to catch the ball by jumping into the pool), but Nacua slipped on his wakeboard and intercepted a pass from Jimmy Clausen (yes, that Jimmy Clausen). I caught it and won the tournament.

It will feel bad to step off the ramp, but even attempting this requires a great deal of balance and coordination. Nacua took a well-deserved win and made it look cool.

Miles Killebrew earns 1 special teams win

How about a special teamer make an appearance too! Vikings long snapper Andrew DePaola helped win the NFC snapping challenge, but Myles Killebrew stole the show. The Pittsburgh Steeler made a crazy catch with a soccer ball between his legs during the punt catch challenge, contributing to the AFC victory. This may have been the most impressive feat of athleticism all weekend.

If you listen to the broadcast, you can hear Marcus Spears begging Killebrew not to put the ball between his legs and try to catch it, but just before he catches the ball while holding it, Killebrew The movement of holding the ball between your legs is completely sick.

Jake Ferguson plays golf barefoot

Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson played in the golf portion of the Pro Bowl game, bringing a unique aspect to his game.

Look, I’m not going to judge. But doing anything outside barefoot is absolutely insane. In the end, Ferguson was the winner, mainly because half of everyone’s golf balls went into the water.

Jalen Hurts attempts to catch a pass but fails.

Since it was flag football, the QB could throw to a player behind the line of scrimmage and then go and retrieve the pass. Jalen Hurts tried to remake the Philadelphia Special in Orlando, but the results were mixed.

The funniest scene is when Hurts calls Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb to throw him the ball before he takes his glove off and falls. No matter how good a QB is as an athlete, catching passes is extremely difficult.

Eli Manning vs. Spa Hotfire Rap Battle

Eli Manning makes a very strong case for being the coolest Manning.After defeating his older brother Peyton again in the Pro Bowl game, he joined the rapper’s Spa Hot Fire (you’re Learn from memes) there was a rap battle, which was of course interesting.

I’m going to say, “I’m Eli Manning.” I’m nice. Is Tom Brady a goat? Psych, I beat him twice,” I thought for a long time in my head.

Lineman’s nonsense

The NFC swept the game between Sunday’s flag football games, and it was because of the big boys up front. Unfortunately, none of the linemen played as receivers during flag football, but they made their impact widely known. NFC dominated the competition in strength and also set the record for fastest tug-of-war victory. Cowboys left guard Tyler Smith had a lot to say about this after the game.

I’m not saying he’s right, but it tells a bigger story that the AFC is cooking up an all-strength competition involving big men.

Baker Mayfield wins Pro Bowl MVP

After a close game of flag football, the NFC won and returned to first place in the AFC. Mayfield closed out the game for Eli Manning’s team and led the NFC to victory. Mayfield was the biggest winner, as he threw a touchdown pass to Lamb (Lamb said it took him six years to make the connection with Oklahoma) and scrambled when he was blitzed.

You can tell your players that you like this new format for the Pro Bowl, and even if there’s no tackle football going on, the access will make the event more interesting.