NFL refs left with egg on their faces after another mistake apparently decides outcome of vital prime time game

Saturday night's matchup between two playoff-bound teams, including perennial powerhouse Dallas Cowboys and surprising upstart Detroit Lions, was supposed to be a showcase for the league's best stars. . Instead, it turned out to be another embarrassing blunder that focused on NFL officiating, with what seemed like an embarrassing mistake once again changing the outcome of an important game.

The Cowboys made a field goal with 1:41 left in the game, giving the Lions a 20-13 lead on a 75-yard 2-minute touchdown pass from quarterback Jared Goff to Amon. The scenario unfolded after that. La St. Brown closes in on the lead by one point. Lions coach Dan Campbell opted to play for the win rather than going into overtime, sending his team out to attempt a two-point conversion for the win. In the game, Lions offensive lineman Taylor Decker lined up as an eligible receiver and ultimately caught a pass from Goff, giving the Lions a 21-20 lead with less than 30 seconds left. is.

But seconds after the play ended, a flag flew from referee Brad Allen, who claimed Decker had not reported as an eligible receiver as required by NFL rules. The fact that Mr. Decker allegedly failed to report also made the formation illegal. Instead of the game-winning two-point conversion, the Lions were awarded a penalty. The Cowboys stopped the Lions on the next try, but it was ruled offside. Detroit went for his two points again, but the third attempt also failed.

There's just one problem. A considerable amount of video evidence suggests that Decker actually declared Allen eligible to participate before the play.

A pre-play video replay shows Goff grabbing Decker's arm and pointing toward officials, apparently instructing him to check in as an eligible receiver.

Many other camera angles show Decker walking up to Allen, who nods and approaches the Cowboys defenseman, signaling that the Lions lineman is eligible and checked in. I complied.

Specifically, Lions offensive lineman Dan Skipper (number 70 in the video above) is seen approaching Decker, apparently after Allen nods to Decker and begins to approach Cowboys players. It is. Still, the fact that Skipper was in Allen's field of vision may have been a contributing factor to the chaos that unfolded.

After the game, Allen provided a highly implausible explanation to pool reporters about what happened between him and Decker, claiming: skipper than that decker Reported as an eligible recipient.

Pool reporter Calvin Watkins asked Allen, “There was a player who went up to you right before that play — it was Decker — and he was talking to you, two linemen talking to you. And then you went and talked to the Cowboys defensive line.' What was that conversation about? ”

Because Allen claims, “That conversation is where No. 70 (skipper) reports to me, and then I go to the defensive team and tell them No. 70 reported as an eligible receiver.” , they will recognize who reported it and return to their positions.

However, the video replay seemed to make it very clear that Decker, not the skipper, had made the report, confirming the Lions players' vehement refusal after the game to report that players other than Decker were eligible. Decker said, “I did what my coach told me to do,'' and Skipper denied any reports that he was eligible, but declined to comment further, saying “there were very few things I said that would warrant a fine.'' Ta. NFL players are subject to fines if they publicly criticize referees.

Additionally, as Allen himself pointed out, Skipper shouldn't even have had to report the play as eligible, which begs the question of why he did so.

Allen's explanation was widely criticized on Twitter and by the game's television announcers, who appeared in virtual disbelief at the call.

After the game, a visibly upset Campbell said, “Are I frustrated now? I don't like to lose, and that's what happened. We lost, and that's what I I don't like having L, so that's what it is.'' Frustrated. ”

The Lions, who won the Division 1 title this year for the first time in 30 years, are still headed for the playoffs, but the loss severely damaged their chances of winning a first-round bye. Meanwhile, the Cowboys kept their NFC East title hopes alive with a natural victory. The controversy overshadowed the shocking performance of Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb, who broke Michael Irvin's single-season team record for receiving yards with a 227-yard performance.

The NFL has faced a number of controversies over officiating in important games in recent years. Two controversial calls in Week 7 appeared to tilt the game in favor of the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers. Fans furious after Colts and Rams losses. The Chiefs were similarly furious when their game-winning touchdown against the Buffalo Bills in Week 14 was ruled out due to an unusual offside call, which was ultimately verified by video replay.



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