Nick Offerman praises gay storyline in ‘Last of Us’ show

Popular actor Nick Offerman praised the gay storyline of his show The Last of Us in his acceptance speech, saying his role on the show was subject to “homophobia”. .

Offerman, who rose to fame on the show “Parks and Recreation,” made the remarks at the time he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Newly Written Series at the 2024 Independent Spirit Awards. I was in the middle of it.

Offerman played a character named Bill, a gay survivalist on the post-apocalyptic zombie show. The sub-characters received episode The world focused on his gay relationships, even though they received relatively minimal focus. Video game The show was derived from.

“Thank you to HBO for having the courage to join this tradition of truly independent storytelling,” Offerman’s speech began. “When homophobic haters come to me and say, ‘Why did it have to be a gay story?’ we say, ‘Because you ask that question. It doesn’t matter. ‘It’s a gutsy story. It’s a gay story, it’s a love story, you bastard!’ he added.

The actor also claimed to have received homophobia He similarly reacted to what appeared to be religious remarks in a since-deleted statement praising his role in 2023. Post to X.

“Buddy, your brand of ignorance and hate is why we create stories like this,” the 53-year-old said. answered.

Game writer Neil Druckmann mentioned before Offerman’s character remained ambiguous in terms of sexuality until the voice actor took it in a specifically gay direction.

Director Druckmann told the International Business Times in 2013, “There is a gay character, but it was the actors who made that decision.” “We purposely left it ambiguous for the actors to interpret. And the chart said,” They were like, oh, this character is gay, so we changed that. I’ve changed some scenes to reflect this. ”

This game and show focuses on a young girl named. Ellie A person who has gone missing in a terrifying zombie world. Who plays the character on a TV show? bella ramsayThe actress describes herself as “non-binary.”

“That’s what bothers me more than the pronouns. People call me ‘young woman,’ ‘powerful young woman,’ or ‘young lady,’ which I’m not.” [that]” she said GQ In 2023.

Magazines called her “girlfriend,” but IMDb The page uses the pronoun “their” to refer to the actress.

The actress also admitted that she wore a chest binder during filming. This is a garment meant to flatten her breast tissue. Ramsey said it helped her prevent feelings of gender dysphoria 90% of the time she wore it.

She also said that despite being a woman, it helped her get into the role, adding, “It’s probably not healthy to say things like, ‘Please tie me up safely.’

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