Nicolas Cage’s Latest Trailer Will Make Your Brain Melt

The trailer for Nicolas Cage’s next film, Dream Scenario, was released on Tuesday, and it’s the weirdest movie you’ll be seeing in a while.

A bald, unassuming, overweight professor wanders around the dreams of various people, including those who don’t seem to know him. No, this isn’t a horror movie, this is the premise of Cage’s next movie…and it’s so weird it might melt your brain.

According to information gleaned from the trailer, Cage’s character appears to randomly appear in people’s dreams. he doesn’t do anything. He’s just there, appearing in almost everyone’s head.

“Nicolas Cage plays Paul Matthews, a lethargic family man and tenured professor with an affinity for evolutionary biology and anxiety about his own anonymity. “I realized that I was starting to appear in other people’s dreams at a rapid rate,” said a movie official. explanation To read. “As in life, his presence in these dreams is mundane and unobtrusive. He is just there, staring indifferently at the fantasies and nightmares of strangers. Nevertheless, He becomes a celebrity overnight and soon receives the attention he was denied for so long.”

I don’t want to give too much away, but it looks like things are getting worse. And after only watching for 2 minutes, trailerwe can’t wait to find out why and how. (Related: Somehow I missed Nic Cage as Dracula in this hysterical movie trailer)

Who among us hasn’t had a strange dream or two? I have gone many years without dreaming, but for the last few months I have been having vivid dreams every night (without any intervention at all). And I’m not alone. Many people I’ve talked to are suddenly experiencing something similar. So could there be any truth to the “dream scenario” premise? Maybe.

We’ll have to wait until the movie opens in theaters on November 10th to find out.

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