Nigerian Zookeeper Mauled To Death By Lion He Had Raised Since Birth

The lion has since been removed, the university said. (Representative photo)

A zookeeper who had been caring for lions at a Nigerian university for nearly a decade was attacked and killed by one of the big BBC, Mr. Olabode Olawi was in charge of the zoo at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). He was attacked on Monday while feeding the lions. His colleagues tried to save him, but by the time they could do nothing, one of the lions had already fatally injured him, the university said. The lion has since been exterminated, the statement added.

University spokesperson Abiodun Olarewaju said Olawi, a veterinary technician, had been caring for the lion since it was born on campus about nine years ago. Exit.

“Sadly, the male lion killed the man who was feeding him. We didn’t know what had attacked the male lion and forced him to attack.” [him]” Mr Olarewaju said.

The university’s vice-chancellor, Professor Adebayo Simeon Bamire, said he was “saddened” by the incident and ordered a thorough investigation.

Separately, the Student Union leader, Mr. Abbas Akinremi, said the incident was unfortunate and was caused by “human-caused” zookeepers who forgot to lock the door after feeding the lions. He said the attack was caused by a mistake. Mr. Akinremi also paid tribute to Mr. Olawi. He was said to be a “good and humble man who treated me with kindness every time I went to the zoo.”

Abba Gandu, who has been feeding lions at a zoo in Kano, northern Nigeria, for more than 50 years, also called the incident unfortunate and said more safety measures were needed. Gandu said, “Feeding lions is something I want to do until I die, so this incident has no impact on me personally.” He added that his worst experience was being bitten on the finger by a baboon he was trying to feed.

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Following the incident, Nigerians also took to social media to share graphic images of the assault that took place at a university in Osun State. University officials are saddened.Street BBCA delegation also visited Mr. Olawi’s family and expressed their condolences.

Meanwhile, in a similar incident in India, a man was attacked and killed by a lion at Tirupati Zoo. Sri Venkateswara Zoo authorities said the man, identified as Prahlad Gujjar, 38, from Alwar, Rajasthan, entered an unauthorized area not open to the public and entered the enclosure. He reportedly ignored the caretaker’s warnings to stay back and scaled the fence, which is more than 7 meters high, and jumped into the enclosure. The lion, named Dongarpur, mauled Gujjar to death before the caretaker could take action.



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