Nikki Haley calls McConnell freeze ‘sad,’ says Senate is a ‘nursing home’

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has commented on the recent public “freeze” of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, calling it “sad” and calling the Senate a “privileged nursing home”. I warned you.

Haley, 51, told Fox News Thursday that she is the longest-serving Senate Republican leader and has held the job admirably, but the 81-year-old Senator Diane Feinstein (D, Calif.), 90 Other senior politicians, including Xian, said the time had come. , and President Biden, 80 — leaving.

“It’s sad,” the former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador told McConnell’s “The Story” host Martha McCallum. “Just like no one feels good about seeing Diane Feinstein, no one feels good about seeing a lot of things going on and the decline of Joe Biden.”

“My point is that the Senate is the best retirement home in the country right now,” Haley added. “I mean, Mitch McConnell has done some great things and he deserves credit, but he has to know when he’s leaving.”

Republican presidential nominee Nikki Haley said on Thursday that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s recent public behavior was “sad” and that the Senate had become a “nursing home.”
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Mitch McConnell
Haley, 51, told Fox News that while she has served admirably for the longest tenure as Senate Republican leader, she and other older politicians (90-year-old Senator Diane Feinstein, Democrat, California) states) and 80-year-old President Biden) should step down.

Haley has repeatedly brought up the idea of ​​conducting a mental ability test for presidential candidates over the age of 75, a move that would go along with Biden and former President Donald Trump, who turned 77 in June. It will affect both.

The attending physician at the Capitol, Dr. Brian Monaghan, cleared McConnell to return to work on Thursday after minority leaders froze during the press correspondence on both July 27 and Wednesday.

In the latter case, he was just asked if he would seek re-election in 2026.

Mitch McConnell
On Thursday, Dr. Brian Monaghan, the chief physician at the U.S. Capitol, cleared McConnell, 81, to return to work after he became frozen during a press conference in late July and earlier this week.

On both occasions, McConnell’s representatives said Republicans in Kentucky were dizzy. In his statement, Monahan said the symptoms may have been caused by dehydration and a concussion the senator suffered after falling in March.

Doctors who spoke to the Post on Thursday observed that McConnell’s symptoms were consistent with a partial seizure or a minor stroke.

Feinstein was also hospitalized with shingles in March and spent several months recuperating at his home in San Francisco before returning to the Senate in May. She announced in February that she would not seek re-election in 2024.

Joe Biden
Amid widespread speculation about the president’s declining mental health, rumors are circulating that Newsom could challenge Biden for the Democratic nomination next year.
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A California Democrat has made bizarre comments to journalists that he has never sat in the Senate, prompting speculation that his final year will be bolstered by his Democratic allies. .

Nancy Colin Pravda, the eldest son of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California), was photographed several times after returning home.

Pelosi, 83, replaced Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California) after California Gov. Gavin Newsom promised to appoint a black woman to the Senate if Feinstein left office early. He endorsed Feinstein’s seat in Congress in 2024.

Nikki Haley
Haley told Fox News, “Nobody feels good about seeing Diane Feinstein, and seeing a lot of things going on right now and the decline of Joe Biden makes no one feel good. It’s the same as ‘,’ he said.

Amid widespread speculation about the president’s declining mental health, rumors are circulating that Newsom could challenge Biden for the Democratic nomination next year. The governor of California denied those rumors.

The Senate is set to reconvene on Sept. 5, and several Republicans are already discussing holding an emergency session to review McConnell’s leadership. Politico report.

Mr. Biden defended the Capitol doctor’s diagnosis to reporters on Thursday, speaking with Mr. McConnell the same day, saying it was “just like my old self.”

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