NJ Police Chief Retires Amid ‘Drunk’ Altercation

A New Jersey state police chief who has worked in law enforcement for decades is taking early retirement after attending an accident scene investigation last fall and getting into a heated argument with one of his subordinates.

As Blaze News previously reported, on the night of Nov. 9, Sgt. William Major of the Bradley Beach Police Department was attending the scene of a suspected alcohol-related motor vehicle accident when Police Chief Leonard Guida suddenly arrived at the scene, wearing casual clothes, and suspecting he was possibly intoxicated. He acted in a way that suggested that. In an at times slurred and erratic speech, Guida accused the major of not being “fit to wear” a police jacket.

Guida continued to obstruct the investigation, and body camera footage showed the major losing his cool, grabbing Guida by the torso, lifting him, and slamming him onto the hood of a patrol car. The major claimed Guida was “drunk again” and tried to grab his arm.

“Don’t touch me!” cried the Major. “Don’t touch me! Is something wrong? You’ve got me! Get out of here before you cause trouble.”

“Director, you’re going to be locked up,” the Major continued. “You grabbed me. I asked you three times to leave me alone. You’re interfering with my DWI. … You grabbed me. You’re out of line. I was there.”

Guida suspended the major on the spot and demanded that he return to branch headquarters to discuss the matter. The major refused, arguing that if he was truly suspended, he didn’t need to do so.

Following the incident, the major was briefly suspended before returning to duty. Meanwhile, Guida was immediately placed on paid administrative leave while the county attorney’s office investigates, per state guidelines.

Last week, the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office issued a report asking Bradley Beach officials to “reconsider.” Now, Mayor Larry Fox has announced that Guida will be retiring this Friday, a full six months before his scheduled retirement date.

“I would like to thank Chief Guida for his more than 40 years of service to the borough,” Fox said. statement. “Under his leadership, our community has become a safer place to live.”

Inspector James Arnold, who served as police chief during Mr. Guida’s suspension, will officially take over the role after Mr. Guida retires. “The Bradley Beach Police Department is made up of an amazing group of men and women,” Arnold said in the article. statement. “Our primary focus has always been to serve the residents of this community and ensure their safety. We will not lose that focus. We continue to move toward a bright future. , we will continue to work together as a team.”

Still, not everyone is happy with how the process has unfolded. Councilwoman Kristen Mahoney claimed that Foxx prevented all ward councilors from being involved in decisions regarding Guida. Mahoney told News 12, “We have an ordinance in place where the city council and the mayor jointly make these decisions.” “It’s unfortunate for the residents that this was done unilaterally without council input, because that’s the way things are.” Work in this town. ”

Council President Jane DeNoble agreed, claiming Foxx “ignored numerous requests to the executive committee to review the prosecutor’s report and participate in the decision-making process.”

“Clearly, Mayor Foxx has no intention of including the City Council in making decisions, and once again we, the taxpayers, will have to pay for it.”

Fox did not respond to the New York Post’s request for comment. Guida did not respond to Blaze News’ requests for comment. Major declined earlier requests for comment.

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