No issues for Yankees’ Domingo German in return from suspension

SEATTLE — Domingo German returned from a 10-game suspension, avoiding enough at-bats and, more importantly, being overly persistent on Monday night.

Jarman wasn’t the most agile, but he wasn’t the most persistent either, throwing a consistent 6¹/3 innings in the Yankees-Mariners game at T-Mobile Park.

German’s hand, which was his first start since failing a foreign object test against the Blue Jays on May 16, leading to an ejection and automatic suspension, will be closely monitored on Monday.

However, he passed the referee’s checks without difficulty and apparently found an acceptable amount of rosin.

Jarman used “almost the same amount” of rosin as at the previous start and insisted he felt no pressure coming back from suspension.

“But there are times when [in] In a game, I probably don’t need to use some because I feel comfortable running my pitches,” Jarman said through an interpreter.

Domingo German pitched in the Yankees’ victory over the Mariners on May 29.
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Domingo German's hand was examined by an umpire during the Yankees' victory over the Mariners on May 29.
Domingo German’s hand was examined by an umpire during the Yankees’ victory over the Mariners on May 29.

The right arm underwent a foreign object test after the 1st and 4th before the test, but passed without any problems.

“I wanted to dig as deep as possible today because I was focused on getting the job done, executing the pitch and staying calm in different game situations,” Jarman said. “Calm and clear plan of attack.”

On a night that allowed seven hits, three walks, four strikeouts and four runs, Jarman was efficient with his pitching count and held off until the seventh inning.

Heading into the game, the Yankees said they would be mindful of the amount of rosin German had on hand throughout the trip, including checks by pitching coach Matt Blake and others in the dugout.

Manager Aaron Boone said before the game, “He has to be able to get a good grip on the rosin while pitching.” “I’m not a pitcher, but I’m a bit of a pitcher.

Boone said there was still a “gray area” around rosin excess, but German was able to avoid finding out on Monday.

“Overall, I think he threw the ball well,” Boone said. “I thought his stuff was good. Probably not his best command, but throwing us in the seventh gave him a good start on this trip.”

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