‘No primary, no legitimate president’: Actor James Van Der Beek calls out Democrats for not holding primary debates, calls them ‘back room’ decision-makers

On Memorial Day, actor James Van Der Beek criticized the Democratic Party’s decision not to sponsor debates in election primaries.

46 years old who appeared in such as.Dawson’s Creek“” and “Meet Your Mom” ​​were posted viral TikTok video It denounces Democratic officials for not sponsoring the debate and downplays those who “will die to defend our democracy.”

“This is not democracy by the people,” van der Beek began. “This is their democracy. For whom? Big banks? Big tech, big pharma, big government, whatever,” he asked.

After President Biden announced that he would seek re-election in April 2023, widespread report The Democratic National Committee will not sponsor any debate.of washington post The party said it would support Mr. Biden’s re-election, but said there was no serious opposition to the president.

“What’s going on with this democracy?” van der Beek continued. “And would anyone on the Democratic National Committee post today thank you for our military and thank our families for making the ultimate sacrifice to protect our democracy and freedom? “

“I thank them, but the members of the DNC who are thinking of posting it today… before you start posting thank you, stop and think and do your fucking job. People.” There are people out there willing to die to defend our democracy because you don’t defend it now,” the actor bellowed.

The Connecticut native felt the public debate was even more justified, pointing to recent poll figures.

“You are forcing your choice and forcing it on the rest of us. And with 7% approval for one and 19% for the other, the other candidate is serious. Please don’t say no,” he quoted. “This means that a quarter of voters already think there is at least some debate about who should be president.”

“No debate, no democracy, no primaries, no legitimate president,” van der Beek said.

Recent Votes: real clear politics In fact, the actor’s claim was reflected, and he updated it on-screen as well. A CNN poll conducted May 17-20, 2023 showed John F. Kennedy Jr.’s approval rating at 20% and Marianne Williamson’s at 8%.

Data compiled by multiple media shows Biden’s approval rating for the Democratic nominee is just below 60%.

The TikTok video ended with another series of questions about a group of “backroom” operators who make country decisions.

“How can we have a government and how can we maintain a democracy if we let small, backroom people make all the important decisions for us?” he asked. “It’s not democracy and it doesn’t work because you guys have been wrong about a lot of things in the back room all these years. There is no democracy without debate.”

The video ended with, “Congratulations on Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers.”

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