‘Nobody Is Above the Law’

Senator Mark Kelly (D-Arizona) said in CNN’s “State of the Union address” on Sunday that no one is above the law when asked about the possibility that former President Donald Trump is being charged with a crime. said.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “Let’s start with Trump’s latest. Clearly, arresting a former president is unprecedented in the history of the United States. Exactly what charges will be filed. We don’t know if it’s possible yet, but what we do know includes the idea that falsification of business records could be one of the charges. It’s a misdemeanor in New York unless you try to charge him with a felony using what the house says is a dangerous legal approach. Are there any concerns that this particular claim may not be large enough to justify such action?”

Kelly said, “Jake, let me start by saying that we are a country of laws and no one is above the law. I think it is very important that the Manhattan DA investigates this thoroughly. The former president has some constitutional rights if it comes to the conclusion that he should be indicted, and this is a process that needs to be worked out between him and his lawyers. If they do prosecute, I hope they have a strong case, because as you say, it’s unprecedented, and you know, there’s definitely risk involved here, but again. But no one in our country is above the law, nor should they be.”

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