‘Non-binary’ shooter behind Colorado LGBT club massacre will plead guilty to federal hate crime charges

The so-called “non-binary” gunman behind the Colorado Springs gay nightclub massacre in November 2022 was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences, plus an additional 2,208 years in prison in June. It was. He has now pleaded guilty to 74 federal hate and gun charges and will have several years added to that total.

The gunman hung out at Club Q on November 19, 2022, briefly left, and returned wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a semi-automatic rifle. He killed five people and seriously injured 19 others. characteristic as a “deliberate, premeditated, malicious, premeditated attack.” He attempted to mow down dozens more victims, but the club's heroic patrons were able to restrain him until police arrived on the scene.

Daniel Aston, 28, was killed in the shooting. Kelly Loving, 40 years old. Ashley Poe, 35 years old. Derrick Lamp, 38 years old. Raymond Green Vance, 22 years old.

The mother of victim Ashtin Gamblin, who survived the bullet attack, asked the judge in charge of the gunman's state case to “lock this animal to the depths of hell.”

Judge Michael McHenry imposed a duty on the victim's mother, guaranteeing the gunman, now 23, a sentence of thousands of years in prison with no chance of parole again.

“This is the longest sentence ever handed down in the 4th Judicial District and, to my knowledge, is the second longest sentence ever reached in Colorado, second only to the sentence in the Aurora theater shooting. ,” said the Fourth Judicial District Attorney.michael allen
report CNN.

While being a shooter;
porn producer's sonAlthough court filings in the case identified him as “non-binary” and indicated his pronouns were “they/them,” Allen referred to him as a man throughout the lawsuit and said, “Before the shooting… There is absolutely no evidence that he is non-binary.” -binary. ”

On Tuesday, the Department of Justice
announced The shooter was charged with hate crime and firearms charges.

CNN, which chose to use the shooter's preferred pronouns, said:
report The gunman agreed with prosecutors to plead guilty to all 74 charges, including 50 hate crime charges, in exchange for “multiple concurrent life sentences and a total of 190 years in prison” if the judge approves. They reportedly agreed to receive additional consecutive sentences. Plea bargain.

The Jan. 9 plea deal was unsealed Tuesday after the gunman pleaded not guilty earlier that day. report Associated Press.

While the death penalty is being considered, the plea deal leaves the gunman crying unharmed.

“I'm angry and upset,” Ashtin Gamblin said.
report Colorado Public Radio revised Gamblin's comments to respect the shooter's preferred pronouns. “Honestly, I was expecting the death penalty.”

I feel like ” [they] Personally, after 2,208 years, I feel like: [they] “If you get evicted, sit in your room for the rest of your life. To me, that's a death sentence. … I just want it,” Gamblin said. [them] Sitting with the thought of not knowing when [they’re] dying or the fact [they] You could die at any time, at any time, because that's what it is. [they] You did it to us. ”

Michael Anderson, who was a bartender at the club the night of the shooting, said the federal charges “send a message to those who seek to commit acts of violence against this community that this message will be passed on and disseminated. “It will send a message that it is not something that should be taken seriously.” Overlooked. ”

The gunman told The Associated Press that he was on “a very large amount of drugs” and was abusing steroids at the time of the shooting.

Just a year before the shooting, the “non-binary” gunman
reportedly He was arrested on charges of threatening his grandparents, stockpiling weapons and bomb-making materials and vowing to become the “next mass murderer.” He was expelled after his grandparents stopped cooperating with prosecutors, and his case was dismissed in 2021.

The gunman is currently being transferred to the Wyoming State Penitentiary due to safety concerns.

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