North Carolina high school student suspended over using the term ‘illegal alien’: Report

North Carolina high schools have been told that using the term “illegal alien” is an offense punishable by suspension.

by email to carolina journalLeah McGee described an incident last week at Central Davidson High School in Lexington that resulted in her 16-year-old son being suspended for three days during the school year.

McGee said her English teacher had given assignments that included using vocabulary such as the word “alien.” In response, her son asked, “Are you talking about aliens or illegal aliens without green cards?”

Another student was angered by the words and threatened to fight McGee’s son, forcing the teacher to contact the vice principal. Staff later determined the term was offensive to Hispanic students and punished him.

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The Carolina Journal reported Tuesday on the suspension of Leah McGee’s son. (Jeffrey W. Myers/COBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

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“As a result of his questions, our son was disciplined and received a three-day suspension for ‘racism,'” McGee wrote in the Carolina Journal. “He is devastated and is concerned that having his academic performance labeled as racist will jeopardize his future goals of receiving an athletics scholarship. I am worried that I will fall behind in class because I have been absent for three days in a row.

She also said the school has so far refused to remove the suspension from her son’s record, and the family has already begun working with an attorney.

After being suspended, McGee’s son told the Carolina Journal, “I didn’t make that statement against anyone. I asked a question. Everyone from other countries needs a green card. I wasn’t talking about Hispanics because I needed the term “.” “Illegal alien” is an actual term that you hear on the news or find in dictionaries. ”

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Maggie and her son later appeared on “The Stars”.pete culliner show” and add more details.

“This is a term used in federal law and is a term heard frequently on many news broadcasts,” she said. “I think if this had been handled properly in the classroom, it could have easily been used as a teaching opportunity for everyone.”

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in a statement To Newsweek For this story, Central Davidson High School said it does not comment on specific students.

“Please know that Davidson County Schools administrators take all disciplinary incidents seriously and thoroughly investigate each one,” the comment reads. “If the code of conduct is violated, management will take appropriate action.”

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A demonstrator holds a placard criticizing the term “illegal immigrant.” (Mark Kerrison/Photo via Getty Images)

Fox News Digital has reached out to Davidson County Schools for comment.