Norwegian cruise ship rocked by massive waves ahead of power outage: videos

Stomach-wrenching footage has shown how a Norwegian cruise liner carrying hundreds of passengers is temporarily knocked out of power by rough seas after weathering a “terrifying” storm.

Tour operator Torsten Hansen Shared a video of foamy waves On Thursday, during the voyage, an electrical malfunction caused the ship to crash into the hull of the MS Mode, which became a hot topic of discussion.

“Some of my guests are not very happy. But most of them are very brave and find it very interesting,” he wrote on Facebook.

“We're watching a movie in our room. Every time we move, we almost miss the plane,” one passenger commented under Hansen's post.

another Clips shared on X The ornate window of the ship's suit showed a terrifying view of the swells, leaning precariously toward the water's surface among the waves.

“The current mode is not fun,” the person behind the camera captioned the footage.

One of the passengers filmed the terrifying waves from his cabin. X/@OnDeepWater

Danish authorities said the ship, carrying 266 passengers and 131 crew members, was hit by a severe storm in the North Sea late Thursday, which caused windows on its bridge to break.

According to officials at the Danish Joint Rescue Coordination Center, the safety of everyone on board has been confirmed and the ship is being towed to Bremerhaven, Germany.

The ship's main engines are still functional and can be operated from the ship's engine room.

One of the passengers, Elizabeth Lawrence, Arashi wrote to X that it was a “terrifying experience.”

“To be honest, there were about 20 minutes yesterday when I thought the ship was going to capsize. The ship was shaking so violently that I had no idea what was going on,” she said. Told.

“When we started handing out orange survival suits to everyone, I was really shocked,” Lawrence explained.

Lawrence said her group took shelter between the buffet tables to avoid “flying chairs and furniture.”

The MS Maud, operated by cruise company HX, a division of Norway's Hurtigruten Group, left the Norwegian island of Floroe on Thursday and was scheduled to arrive in Tilbury, England, on Friday.

Still video of waves.
Eventually, the storm temporarily cut off power to the boat. X/@OnDeepWater

The ship is named after a famous polar ship from the 20th century. Explained on cruise line website.

The company boasted that MS Mode's on-board technology makes it “very suitable” for travel around Norway and the British Isles.

According to the website, traveling in MS mode can cost up to $10,000.

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