Now that We Know They Were Lying, All the Biden Family Deals Should Be Unpacked 

On Monday’s edition of Real America’s Voice, “Tonight with Grant Stinchfield,” Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and new york times bestseller defeat biden Author Alex Marlowe says that now that it’s clear there was no wall between the Biden family’s businesses and President Joe Biden’s political career, “we’re going to go back in time and unravel every deal and make every move. “We now have an excuse to get the records and ask all the questions.” And pull them in to ask systematic questions and follow-up questions. ”

Marlowe said, [relevant remarks begin around 16:55] “[W]We’re starting to see the payment picture, and whether the Biden family is smart – and I believe they’re smarter than most. [are] — So when we’re told there’s a big wall between the family business and Joe’s political career, you know a lot of these things and the fact that there’s a new wall, and now we have We are verifying it on a case by case basis. After the incident, there [were] If we made direct payments to Joe or other family members at the same time as our business transactions, we know they were lying to us. So, now that we’ve established that they’re liars, we can go back and unravel all the transactions, get all the records, ask all the questions and pull them out, and ask them systematic questions and follow-up questions. You can have an excuse to do it. ”

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